Afghan dispute and role of UNSC

United Nations Security Council (UNSC) convened its meeting on the current situation of Afghanistan under the Presidency of India on Friday. During the meeting Afghan permanent representative to the UN Ghulam M Isaczai told the meeting that Taliban movement is leading an offensive in Afghanistan with the support of 10,000 foreign fighters from 20 international terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda. The Afghan representative claimed that foreign terrorists have infiltrated his country and are fighting on the side of the Taliban against the security forces of Afghanistan.

According to him, Taliban have organized over 5500 attacks in 31 provinces of Afghanistan since mid-April. Isaczai further accused the Taliban of violating Doha Peace Agreement and having contacts with terrorist organizations including Al-Qaeda, Daesh, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan militant groups. Special representative of the UN Secretary General, Deborah Lyons said that the UN predicts the numbers of irregular and legal migration to double from Afghanistan during 2021 due to hostilities and the threat of the coming to power of the Taliban. Lyons further said that the Taliban had made significant territorial gains in taking over rural areas during June-July and currently they began to attack larger urban centers of the Country. The Russian and Chinese Permanent Representatives to the UN also shared their views on the issue and advocated for the earliest possible launch of substantive negotiations between the warring parties.

In fact, the situation of Afghanistan has deteriorated swiftly during the last few weeks as the Taliban had seized several rural areas and border Check posts at Afghan border with Central Asian States and Chaman Spin Boldak border crossing during recent weeks. Pakistan had been expressing its fears of such a volatile situation in the neighboring country since initiation of the Afghan Peace process, however hasty US troops withdrawal had pushed the Country into anarchy which is currently at its peak. During this grave situation, the only ray of hope is the forthcoming meeting of the troika plus Pakistan in Doha on August 11, which may be helpful in pushing the peace process on the track. However, it is the right time for UNO and USA to use their influence on the both parties to inculcate seriousness in them for peaceful Afghanistan instead of pursuing their ethnic, political or financial interests.

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