Al-Khalifa’s borrowed narrative

Bahrain’s Undersecretary for International Relations, Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmad al-Khalifa is on a visit to Israel during these days. After reaching Jerusalem, Bahraini Senior Diplomat toasted the 2015 US-Iran Nuclear deal while accusing the deal of fueling violence and unrest across the Middle East region. According to Khalifa, the US -Iran Nuclear accord left behind more crisis and chaos in the region. He said the accord caused more instigation of extremism and hatred in many regions across the Middle East. While sharing Bahraini perspective and experience with Iran Khalifa said that it is continuous interference in domestic affairs of his country. He accused Iran of continuous support of extremism and terrorism, smuggling of arms and explosives, drugs, and narcotics into other Countries. According to Khalifa, the JCPOA was flawed because it focused only on Iran’s nuclear program and disregarded two other prime issues that the region was facing, namely Tehran’s ballistic missile program and the malign behavior of Iran. He stressed that the malign activities of Iran in the region are continuing. After lamenting the Iran Nuclear Accord, Khalifa swiftly took U-turn and hoped that the JCPOA would open a new page for Iran and the region. The current US administration, despite working to return to the nuclear deal, does recognize the importance of dealing with Iranian activities across the region and fully committed to expanding the Abraham Accords, added Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmad al Khalifa while displaying a sense of happiness and satisfaction about US backing of Abraham Accord and corrosive dealing with Iran. Khalifa also announced that Bahrain’s Ambassador to Israel will assume office during the coming days and vowed to enhance Bahrain’s bilateral relations with Israel in future.

The thoughts and narrative expressed by Bahraini Senior Diplomat during his visit to Israel was very much based on common hostility of both nations toward Iran.  The Shia majority Sunni State of Persian Gulf is worried about Iran due to its internal unrest and political uprising over the years. Iran not only threatened Israel but also actively supporting Hizbullah, a Lebanon based Shia Militia that has been fighting against Israel during the past. In fact, Iran had been exporting sectarianism into the other Arab States after Iranian revolution in the country. While standing beside the Stanch enemy of his forefathers and Arab Muslims, Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmad al-Khalifa turned himself according to the wishes of his host to appease the Naftali’s regime. While mentioning the Abraham Accords, a year-old agreement which provided foundations to Bahrain relationships with Jewish state, Bahraini Minister was hopeful that the Biden administration would take some concrete steps against Iran on the first anniversary of the accord on September 15. Whereas no such thing is likely to happen as the Biden administration is struggling for reinstatement of the JCPOA through its indirect talks with Iran in Vienna. In fact, the current leadership of all Arab States has forgotten Palestine issue, the historic cause of their forefathers to liberate the Palestinian holy land from Israeli occupation. Presently, Arab leaders are lined up with their enemy to wage war against each other. Today, if we look at the history, it is evident that Netanyahu and Neftali had accomplished the very objective of David Ben Gurion whereas Al-Khalifa had lost his destiny.

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