Americans killed whoever they could say goodbye

Peter Akopov

The Americans completely left Afghani-stan – their last stronghold, the Kabul airport, is coming under the control of the Taliban, the country’s new government. It would seem that after twenty years of occ-upation, everyone should be happy – the Afghans with the fact that they got rid of the occupiers, and the Americans with the fact that they have finally ended a war that is completely unnecessary for them. But the States could not even leave humanly: the last days were marked by new victims among the long-suffering Afghan pe-ople. As they left, the Am-ericans washed their han-ds in the blood of Afgh-ans.

Last Thursday, a terrorist attack took place near the airport, killing 13 American soldiers and about 200 Afghans. The responsibility was laid on the Islamic State – Vilayat Khorasan group, which is fighting both the Taliban and the Americans. Barbarians, terrorists – only now it turns out that most of the Afghans died not from a bomb explosion, but from the hands of American soldiers. Who, after the explosion, opened fire on a crowd of Afghans, fearing that there were accomplices of the suicide bomber in it. That is, the Americans, who were already on the platoon all the days of the evacuation, after the explosion just went mad and began to shoot the frightened and wounded people – and among them there were, after all, many Afghans who collaborated with the occupiers and hoped to flee with them from Afghanis-tan. And they received an American bullet instead.

But this was not the last crime of the Yankees – they promised to take revenge on IS-Khorasan and began to launch drone strikes on those who were considered involved in the terrorist attack at the airport. One such attack on Sunday killed 12 people in Kabul – seven of them children between two and ten years old. The Americans claim that they were aiming at a car with a terrorist transporting explosives, and the death of a peaceful family could be the result of an explosion. But the Afghans do not care what the Americans say; for them, they are just killers.

But is it over now? After all, the Americans left Afghanistan – and now they will no longer kill Afghans? Yes, they left – but they reserve the right to strike at those who are considered terrorists – like the very same “IS-Khorasan”, which means that there will certainly be new accompanying casualties among civilians. All years of experience in American drone strikes from Yemen and Somalia to Afghanistan and Iraqsays that hundreds of killed civilians in the States do not stop and do not care. Are they chopping the forest – do the chips fly? But when a dozen civilians are killed for the sake of killing one (and alleged) terrorist, what kind of high-precision weapons can we talk about? And what about the fight against terrorism, if the fighter himself is no better than the terrorist?

USA withdrew from Afghanistan. But where did they go? The very form of their departure, which turned into a stampede, made many talk about the onset of a new world in which no one – neither allies nor vassals – can no longer rely on the help of the Americans. A world in which the states, split within themselves, have lost their main asset – the image of an almighty superpower.

In fact, the failure of the American-style world (or the Atlantic project of globalization, to be more preci-se) became clear a very lo-ng time ago, back in the late 2000s and early 10s, after the global financial crisis and the failure of American plans to restructure the Greater Middle East (which began with the occupation Afghanistan and Iraq).

Until that moment, a large part of the American elites and part of the national elites of different countries of the world believed in the reality of America’s claims to world domination – but over the past ten years everything has indicated the decline of American power. America, which still retains immense power and remains the most influential power in the world, increasingly turned into a wounded and self-confident beast. Strong enough, but doomed. This was understood both in the key world capitals and in the United States itself – only those in America who wanted to restructure its course do not have the strength to do so yet. Trump’s attempt was harshly suppressed by the globalist part of the American elite – which, however, only intensified the internal division and problems of the United States.

At the same time, changes in the global strategy of the States are still taking place: America cannot maintain its former positions, and China and Russia are consistently expanding their influence and capabilities. America is leaving the Greater Middle East – after Afghanistan, the time will come for Iraq (in which there are still thousands of American military and Chevekashniki). But you can leave in different ways – in Afghanistan, we saw the most unfavorable option for the US image.

The hasty evacuation was a consequence of the inadequacy of the American leadership – no, this is not at all about Biden’s inhibition. It is about the inadequacy of America’s ideas about the world around it – in this case about Afghanistan. According to American ideas, they should have been calmly evacuated by the end of August – while the Afghan army would hold back the Taliban offensive. But she surrendered most of the territory to the Islamists almost without fighting – and by mid-August the Americans were in the country controlled by the new government.

Nothing threatened them: the Taliban were interested in the withdrawal of troops and were respecting the agreement. But the Americans themselves, amazed at the speed of the collapse of the collaborationist regime, panicked – and with them the tens of thousands of Afghans who worked for them. The epic began with people clinging to the landing gear of planes taking off – and the bewilderment of the whole world, watching the evacuation in the American way.

That is, after twenty years of occupation of the country, spent a trillion and the work of thousands of intelligence analysts and the political leadership of the United States could not even correctly assess the situation, predicting how long the Ghani regime would last, could not adequately assess either the government army or the Taliban forces, or – most importantly – moods in Afghan society. This was a real failure: everyone saw the inadequacy of the Americans, their inability to objectively assess reality.

This is precisely the conclusion that the whole world has drawn – and it is precisely this understanding of the global community that will have enormous consequences for the States. Not just reputational, but very specific geopolitical ones. The United States still has the power – it can organize the evacuation of more than one hundred and twenty thousand people in two weeks, but the brains that can prevent the creation of such a situation no longer exist. And the saying “There is strength – no mind is needed” is definitely not suitable here. Because the moment has come when an insane force is only capable of creating problems – and first of all for itself.

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