America’s war: A million killed, trillions stolen

Victoria Nikiforova

The United States is preparing for the s-ad anniversary – 20 years since the September 11 terrorist attack. This apocalyptic event, directed by unknown screenwriters in accordance with all the canons of a Hollywood disaster film, became the reason for the American government to declare war on international terrorism and start armed intervention in other countries.

Impressed by the moment – planes crashing into the twin towers, people jumping from the upper floors, just not to burn alive, the fall of three skyscrapers at once (although no one seemed to crash into the third) – the international community issued a mandate to the Americans to fight terrorists to the whole world. Almost twenty years have passed since then. You can summarize.

In the famous Brown University in the United States,it is estimated that during this time at least a million people were killed in the countries occupied by the Americans. Nita Crawford, co-founder of the university’s Cost of War project, points out that this is “a huge understatement.”

The number of victims included only those who were killed directly during the clashes. It did not include people who died from the various scourges of war – hunger, thirst, disease, lack of medical care caused by the total destruction of infrastructure.

According to estimates of other human rights activists, the deaths were much higher. Physicians for Social Responsibility, for example, estimated that around a million people were killed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan alone between 2001 and 2015.

The structure of deaths, reflected in the Brown University report, is interesting : 387 thousand of the dead were civilians, about 200 thousand were local soldiers who fought on the side of the Americans, and more than 300 thousand were local guerrillas, whom the Americans called “terrorists.” Nita Crawford admits that most of the people posthumously credited as terrorists were ordinary civilians.

It is worthy of mention that about seven thousand people were killed in the US servicemen in the course of the “war on terror”, and about eight thousand were contract soldiers. That is, almost a hundred times less than the inhabitants of the occupied countries. I would like to ask: and what, the international community gave the US mandate to this at one time?

No, President George W. Bush did not say at all that his army would engage in genocide of civilians. He swore that the Americans would build “national dem-ocracies” in Iraq, Afghan-istan and beyond. It seemed to everyone that the richest country in the world had all the possibilities for this. Well, the States want to be the world’s policeman – let them be. It was assumed that the Americans would enter the territories of problem countries, clean up real terrorist groups and begin to attract strong local politicians to cooperation in order to rely on them to slowly reform states. For example, the obvious step would be to invite former King Zahir Shah to Afghanistan. He enjoyed considerable popularity and could unite the country.

But no, the Americans did not do this. They launched a negative selection among local politicians. Only the most corrupt, the most mediocre, the most hated among the people were allowed to power – very conditional, of course. National traitors, to put it simply. The main concern of the last president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, in August was to get out of the country as quickly as possible. At the same time, his security hastily stuffed bags of dollars into four cars and a helicopter. Dollars fell out of the helicopter. Historical moment of the national leader, you will not say anything.

In fact, the only concern of the American partners was to plunge the occupied territories into total chaos, and then profit from any ill-egal activity – to trade dr-ugs, sell their weapons there. The same Brown University has calculated that the United States has spent more than eight trillion dollars on the “war on terrorism.” This is a very sly figure. Formally, the money went to the development of the occupied territories. But, as we can see, they did not get there. Iraq and Libya are mired in poverty. In Afghanistan, a third of the population goes hungry. Large-scale theft from the budget could be the reason for interesting criminal cases.

Not only that – after the Americans entered there, Afghanistan turned into a gigantic drug laboratory. It provides 90 percent of the world’s heroin production. Afghans believe that the lion’s share of the profits from the drug trade goes exactly to the American security forces. That is, trillions of investments were simply shoved into private pockets and returned to the United States with a profit.

Yes, but what about terrorism? After all, everything was started for the sake of fighting him. But the number of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya has grown by orders of magnitude during this time and simply turned into a civil war of all against all. Instead of the declared national states, territories arose where individual tribes, clans and bandit formations were fighting among themselves. Instead of Western democracy, there is a pure Middle Ages with torture, extrajudicial executions, mass purges, bullying of women, children and minorities.

With the leaders of the organizations that they declared terrorist, the American security forces maintain a rather complicated relationship. They first imprisoned the Taliban leaders . Then they were suddenly released from prison – and today these people are entering Kabul and head the Afghan government. ISIS bandits were covered by the US military during the clashes in Syria. The Russian military and diplomats have spoken about this more than once. In general, “high, high relationship”. The entire “war on terrorism” boiled down to the fact that the Americans split the country in half and set their henchmen against local guerrillas. Selected local “elites” were keenly in control of the process. In this bloody chaos, Amer-ican business, security for-ces and the military industry have been making profits for decades. Something went to ordinary America-ns: how the military factories worked, the defense industry developed, Ameri-can weapons were in high demand on the world market. The price of this was the lives of innocent people. The American economy literally proce-ssed blood into dollars and lived off the plundering of territories. American politicians were well aware of all this. In 1996, CBS TV presenter asked Madeleine Albright : “In Iraq (as a result of US sanctions. – Editor’s note), according to UNICEF,about half a million children have died. That’s more than in Hiroshima. Was it really worth it?” “Tough choice,” Albright replied. “But yes, it was worth it.”

A few years ago, the lives of Iraqi children were no longer carried away by American sanctions, but by American bullets. And just the other day, an American bomb blew up a car in Kabul. Presumably, it was mined. The explosion kill-ed up to twenty Kabulis w-ho were nearby. Among th-em were six children. The youngest girl was two years old. “World Policeman” began to resemble more and more the hero of “Hopelessness” by Stephen King – a demon possessed cop who kills everyone around. Americans consider the writer to be a science fiction writer, but in fact he is the most realistic.

The crimes committed by the American military in the course of the so-called war on terrorism deserve, of course, a thorough international investigation. The United States at one time very prudently avoided participating in the work of the International Criminal Co-urt. However, human rights organizations and NGOs around the world continue to write the terrible chronicle of the American occupation. This is our common duty to the victims.

And it’s time for the world policeman to urgently dismiss. Today, Russia remains the only savior of peoples from democratizing American tomahawks. The Russian military has stopped “controlled chaos” in Syria. Russian diplomats prevented the outbreak of civil war in Ukraine. Russia has stopped bloodshed between Armenia and Azerbaijan. We export peace and security, Americans bloody chaos.

Especially stubborn fans of American hegemony, w-ho are not afraid of the blo-od of children on the hands of their patrons, I would like to remind you that Washington ‘s recent activities have horrified even the Americans themselves.

“The American empire, humiliated in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, as before in Vietnam and Cuba,remains blind to its decline, impotence and savagery,” writes the famous American journalist Chris Hedges. <…> can rejoice at the death of Afghans and convince themselves that “it was worth it”, not realizing that the gallows they are building are intended for themselves. “

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