Arctic region and bellicose powers

Arctic region and bellicose powers

The UK’s Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace has announced the country’s new defense strategy in the Arctic region, which outlines the UK’s plans to protect critical underwater national infrastructure and ensure freedom of navigation through international seas and Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) in the Arctic region. According to reports, the UK government has expressed its willingness to invest in research and development to build a sustainable and modernized Defense capability for the region. As part of the new strategy, Great Britain will maintain a periodic Royal Navy presence in the High North to reinforce support to Arctic Allies to preserve the stability and security of the Northern hemisphere. According to British Defense Secretary, the North Atlantic will always be the UK’s ‘home beat’ and has vital importance for regional countries both for their interoperability and force integration with NATO and non-NATO partners in the region.

The Arctic, the far most part of the Northern hemisphere, with extreme cold weather conditions, uncultivated and barren land but inhabits tremendous hidden natural reserves including oil and gas, along with an abundance of sea life and fisheries, carrying utmost strategic importance for the global powers. The Arctic region borders Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, and the United States. There had been no human activity in the far most of the Arctic region due to tough weather conditions, however, Russian Federation sent an expedition to the region in 2004 which led to competition by the other nations and prompted the neighboring states to encroachment on the area and expansion of their Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) in the Arctic Ocean. The United States is pursuing an agenda to prevent its traditional rivals Russia and China to establish hegemony in the region. Whereas China, the UK, France, and other nations are also considering the prospects of the utilization of Arctic reserves in the name of environmental research.

The United Kingdom, a nuclear power, regional Sherriff, and European Supremo deems it necessary to demonstrate its military muscles and create relevance in the Arctic affairs through the adoption of a defense strategy regarding the Arctic region despite having no physical association with the region. Apparently, UK’s defense strategy is an offensive doctrine aimed at creating its influence in the neighbor’s backyard. After the instigation of Russia-Ukraine tension, Great Britain has deployed 900 Royal Marines to the Arctic in early 2022 and announced its permanent military presence in the region to halt an incursion by other states, particularly the Russian Federation. Whereas more than 2000 British soldiers and two aircraft carriers of the Royal Navy are participating in a multilateral Exercise in the Northern Norwegian region. Currently, all major powers intend to establish their stronghold in the region, so the world nations comply with their invented rules while undertaking any research expedition, transit through the territory, or otherwise and the occupant nation can grasp the dividends of natural reserves hidden in the Arctic region in future.

According to experts, western nations are currently working to establish their collective control over the Arctic while Russia and China are competing with them in the region. The global competition in the Northern hemisphere is continuing and belligerent powers are endlessly steering to achieve their objective, hence the champion would be decided over time.

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