Biden’s botched evacuation and US’s ‘orphaned’ defeat in Afghanistan

Abdullah Muradoglu

After 20 years of failed occupation, U.S. troops are finally pulling out of Afghanistan. However, military and civilian officials did not expect the collapse of the Kabul administration to unfold so rapidly after the U.S. withdrew its forces. This has also revealed that the U.S. and U.K. were extremely under-prepared for the evacuation of Afghan civilians.

Moreover, the United States and Britain were rather sloppy in ensuring the safety of Afghan civilians who collaborated with them. The fact that the U.S. gave the list of Afghans to be evacuated from Kabul airport to the Taliban was the subject of much criticism in American media. Meanwhile, following the evacuation of the British Embassy, IDs and addresses belonging to Afghan civilians who applied to work with the British military were found scattered on the ground.

Mainstream American media follows an editorial line that blames the Biden administration for the chaos that transpired during the evacuation of civilians. In fact, Biden, who followed through on former President Donald Trump’s peace deal signed with the Taliban in the Qatari capital Doha, also finds himself the target of the wrath of the Republican Party. Of course, it did not go unnoticed that an article praising Trump’s agreement with the Taliban on the website of the Republican Party (Rep-ublican National Commi-ttee) was deleted after Kabul fell under the control of the Taliban forces.

The party claimed that the article in question was deleted as the result of an error. In fact, numerous senior Republicans in the U.S. Congress opposed Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Likewise, Trump’s attempt to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria drew backlash from mainstream Republicans and Democrats alike.

Even Trump, who expressed support for the current administration abiding by the deal signed with the Taliban, accused Biden of doing a poor job of it.

Some Democrats blame Trump’s deal with the Taliban for the fiasco that unfolded in Afghanistan. Accordingly, the complete sidelining of the Kabul administration in negotiations with the Taliban gave the militant group a whiff of early victory. Meanwhile, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, in a statement made to the BBC, blamed Trump for the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan, claiming that Trump hastily signed a deal with the Taliban without properly cooperating with other partners in the military coalition.“I think that deal that was done in Doha was a rotten deal. It told a Taliban that wasn’t winning that they were winning, and it undermined the government of Afghanistan,” said Wallace.

Various statements from both the U.S. and Britain, which played a leading role in the invasion of Afghanistan, are reminiscent of the quote attributed to former U.S. President John F. Kennedy: “Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.”

One of the accusations leveled against the Biden administration was its failure to evacuate Afghan civilians while Kabul was still under U.S. control.

According to those who made this accusation, the United States could have evacuated all civilians before military personnel.

There are serious accusations from right and left political circles in the U.S. that the Biden administration turned a blind eye to the possibility of the Taliban taking over Kabul.

Statements made in U.S. media give the impression that Biden lacks political prudence. The death of 170 people, including 13 American troops, in the attack carried out by Daesh at Kabul Airport further only exacerbates the bottleneck the Biden administration is in.

Some even went as far as to call for the White House Secretary-General, the Secretary of Defense, the Chief of Staff, the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), the National Security Advisor, and U.S. intelligence agencies to be held accountable in the aftermath of the attack.

The prevailing view in U.S. media is that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a complete failure for the Biden administration. Of course, some want the U.S. to return to Afghanistan despite the fiasco of historical proportions that unfolded.

Meanwhile, those who oppose the U.S.’s endless wars accuse mainstream media of being hypocritical by citing their previous support for these very wars. It seems that the “Afghanistan fiasco” will keep the Biden administration occupied in the days and months to come.

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