British special forces fled Afghanistan wearing burqas

Mikhail Sheinkman

Honor in uniform. That’s for sure – some like it hot. On the street far over 30 Celsius, and they had to put on a lady’s outfit over camouflage, since they say that, having thrown everything at the military base, they took their personal weapons and ammunition with them. Twenty British special forces fighters, forgotten by their government in southern Afghanistan, made their way to Kabul airport in Kerensky.

Whether they robbed a store or a harem, they will tell about that in their memoirs. It is important that they quickly figured out which dress is in trend now. A deaf outfit with a burqa allowed them to reach their goal. Although, as the source of The Sunday Express in the Ministry of Defense admitted, “there were critical moments” when the honor in the uniform shrank to discomfort and, it seemed, was about to be lost. However, the Taliban showed themselves to be real gentlemen – they slowed down to check, but they never even asked to open their face.

In general, it carried over. This, apparently, was the main critical moment. Do not be mistaken with the choice of the restroom and have time to sort out all these skirts.

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