Committed suicide by the fourth capitol cop

Mikhail Sheinkman

Question. Which side of the barricades should be attributed to the dead? And everything seems to be clear: since the police, they stood for the triumph of democracy. But since everything ended for them, it means that they realized that this was not their triumph. Or not their democracy.

Formally, these four cannot be said to be victims of “January 6” too. The first took his own life on the 9th, the second on the 15th. Two more, as it turned out the day before, did in July. But even if it really was suicide, none of them were considered suicidal before the storming of the Capitol. Strong, balanced people from prosperous families. In addition, the survivors in what they consider to be “hell”. Therefore, live and live. But, apparently, they also died from their wounds. Soulful.

Question. Which side of the barricades should be attributed to the dead? Everything seems to be clear: since the police, they stood for the triumph of democracy. But since they ended, it means that this is not their triumph. Or not their democracy. Gunther Hashid was the last to leave. At least, his colleagues, who also fell under the distribution then, would like the list to be closed on it. They found him at his home on July 29 – a day after the first meeting of the special committee of the House of Representatives to investigate those events.

His debut was another spectacle, personified by one of the Congressmen, of course, Democrats. He cried, then laughed, then bristled like a hedgehog. In general, if Stanislavsky had lived, he would have said to him: you are lying. However, besides him, the police officers called as witnesses were still crying or barely holding back the avaricious men’s tears. And looking like a hefty black officer with a trembling voice, almost crying, complains of how bad uncle and the aunt of His “Negro” called, many of those who wears the form, probably wanted to spit in the screen.

And Gunther – and completely lay hands on himself. Perhaps it just coincided. But it is possible that it turned out to be a trigger. And it is unlikely from offense that he was not invited to Congress. Although he himself had something to say. And not at all what they would like to hear from him. So they closed his mouth. Conspiracy theorists believe their time has come. Hashid has served in the emergency response team since 2003. That is, first of all, I have seen it. Secondly, he proved that he is psychologically quite stable. And suddenly – a crossbow. What if – it’s not all of a sudden? As if they hint.

Four suicides from the Capitol guard is already a system. And it is precisely her that 58 percent of Americans do not trust that they refused to consider the special investigative committee of the Congress impartial. Of the Republicans in it, only those who voted to impeach Trump. And everyone understands that they are not looking for the truth there, but for control of the former president, so that he even forgot to think once again to become real. Although it is unlikely that this understanding could push the 44-year-old father of three daughters to a desperate step.

Speaker Pelosi, who rumored to know that January 6 was coming and refused to reinforce the police with the National Guard, called Hashid a “hero” and hoped his life would “inspire everyone.” “It’s unlikely,” the cops said amicably. Considering that four policemen also played along with the special committee, now they have a draw. And so far there are no people willing to change the account.

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