‘Empire of lies’

Dmitry Kosyrev

Military actions and sanctions wars are no reason to stop globalist projects, the purpose of which is to break the whole world and build a huge concentration camp in its place.
Here it is necessary to quote a long quote from December 4 last year, taken from a commentcolleague Victoria Nikiforova entitled “The Americans are trying to create a medical Cheka with global powers.” The quote – in the form of excerpts from the text – is as follows: “In the era of coronavirus, the most interesting events – those that can really and quite harshly change the lives of billions of people – practically do not get into the news. You heard a lot about the emergency session of the World Health Organization on December 1 “Meanwhile, the results of the session promise to be simply fateful. The member countries of the organization agreed to begin preparations for the creation of a global international agreement “to combat pandemics.” The clauses of this agreement will be binding in 194 countries of the world, that is, almost everywhere, on the entire globe No, no one will harmonize them with national laws.
The coronavirus pandemic has become an occasion for a grandiose experiment that the American elites started. They are trying to reformat the entire system of government of nation states. <…> The world government will still have to wait. Be more careful with the global agreement, no matter how wonderful the pretext it is started under. Well, to admit the obvious: with any kind of chaos, pandemics, turmoil, a strong nation-state copes an order of magnitude better than no man’s land, which is being torn to pieces by a few distraught super-rich.
What has changed since this December commentary was written: a global revolt of doctors against that very international treaty began – or rather, continued. And thanks to the protests of such doctors, we became more aware of what ideas they want to bring into this agreement.
The fact that the medical business, along with the information one (“empire of lies”), is turning into the main one on the planet in terms of the volume of money circulating there – replacing the former oil and gas companies or the military-industrial complex – this is a long history. And it has also been clear for a long time: first of all, doctors oppose this, who are not happy with what they are doing with their once most humane profession.
In this case, we are talking about a recently created international organization called “World Health Council”, in the name itself a clear challenge to WHO. Let’s not exaggerate the influence of this council, it includes only 130 organizations from more than forty countries: this is a lot, but WHO is larger. However, let’s not forget that these 130 organizations are composed of world-famous doctors and the WHA serves a specific and rather narrow purpose: to oppose the ideas of compulsory medicine that is being pushed through the WHO with its own principles of what healthcare should be like in an ideal world. Na-mely, a healthy world, whe-re everyone has access to information and proven medicines, to treatment in principle – while respecting the right of every person to make decisions about their own health, without fear of discrimination and persecution. It is already clear what we are talking about. About how COVID-19 was used for mass social experiments (primarily in Europe, but not only there), carefully pushing through the well-forgotten Nazi idea: health is not an individual, but a collective thing, a person is responsible for it before the Reich.
What people from the WHA are writing about the global international treaty that is being prepared at WHO: for starters, that work on one began on March 3rd. And many in the world don’t even know about it, because secrecy is the hallmark of the WHO. This treaty may come into effect, if the required number of votes are collected, in 2024, but, perhaps, it will slowly start working earlier and will be mandatory for everyone.
Further, it is recalled that the WHO is funded not only and not so much by the state, but by the largest medical corporations working directly and through funds managed by billionaires like Bloomberg or Gates. At the same time, the WHO itself is not accountable and not controlled by anyone: the same world government, based on people’s fear for their health.
In the process of negotiations that have begun, among other things, a joint project of the two main lobbies of the world economy, informational and medical, is being discussed: a vaccine passport, one for the whole world or the correct part of it. What kind of vaccines are we talking about, the conversation is complicated (about any and all?), but it’s enough to recall how the same Anglo-American medical business met Russian and Chinese vaccines against coronavirus. The passport in question should become almost the main document of any earthling and be tied to global information networks, including financial ones. That is, without it, anyone can lose their money.
Finally, the idea of total censorship for the dissemination of any kind of medical information flashed. It’s a well-known story: the insane quarantine measures have led, among other things, to an unprecedented increase in the influence of anti-vaxxers, who until recently were nothing more than an exotic sect. And suddenly those began to be read seriously. And now all, in fact, the inhabitants of the planet will be ordered to receive correct information about health only from those who will sell this health to them for good money.
It is clear that so far we are talking only about the bright ideas of those who want money and total control, that is, some of these ideas have a good chance of falling off in the process of discussion or changing beyond recognition. But even the appearance of these initiatives is an interesting fact.
The overall picture of what is happening in the world is impressive. First, a group of countries collectively known as the West is forcing its populations and wanting to force everyone else to completely rethink their entire system of values and beliefs—in art, everyday communication, and whatever—without the right to challenge these innovations with impunity. Secondly, the same people are trying to crush a person by driving him to a medical concentration camp. And thirdly, under the pretext of events in Ukraine and not only them, an attempt is being made to restructure the entire world economy, dividing it into parts with a sharp decrease in the level of consumption, primarily of its own population. It is not a fact that even a small part of these crazy ideas will be put into practice, but life in the coming years will definitely not be boring.

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