Evacuation from Afghanistan, a need or desire

An International Organization of Journalists “Reporters Without Borders” has asked US President Joe Biden to develop a special plan to evacuate Afghan journalists. The Director General Reporters without Borders Mr. Christophe Deloire said that his organization had received dozens of requests from Afghan journalists for evacuation from the country and he urged that the human rights defenders alongside Journalists must be evacuated from Afghanistan under Taliban. Deloire said that the evacuation drive of European Countries faces the inaccessibility of airplanes to the people therefore it is essential to develop special measures to facilitate the access of journalists and human rights defenders on the lists of different countries to airplanes, as well as measures to confirm their identity. Christophe Deloire further urged President Biden to postpone the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, because the evacuation of the people at the risk is unlikely to meet the timeline fixed by the administration therefore, the evacuation period must be extended beyond 31 August 2021.

Currently, a massive evacuation operation is underway in Afghanistan, while the US and other western governments are evacuating their Diplomats and citizens out of Afghanistan due to security concerns. These potential Afghans refugees include former US military interpreters, informants, USAID officials, human and women rights defenders, journalists, businessmen, players, artists, and many others.

According to western media, the journalists working for foreign media outlets are prime targets of Taliban fighters. Several incidents of killing of Afghan journalists or their family members had been reported during recent days, which created fear and insecurity among the Journalist community. Presently, the International Community wants to pull out all those Afghans who might be a target of Taliban revenge in future and several Countries announced their willingness to accept Afghan refugees during this critical time. Afghans are passing through a difficult time and the whole world must help them.

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