Fast and even faster. US left Afghanistan ahead of deadline

Mikhail Sheinkman

Chris Donahue. It is worth remembering this name. Although, for sure, it will still surface in the Hollywood blockbuster. Let’s say “The Last Soldier”. True, he is a major general. But he was the last to board the last American plane to leave Kabul a day before the deadline. Therefore, by analogy with “Dumb and Dumber”, this movie can be called “Fast and Even Faster”.

However, the talent of screenwriters may not be enough to tell about their entire Afghan odyssey. Homer’s gift is needed here. Even two – this war lasted twice as long as the Trojan.

At the same time, she repeated it only half. The “Yankees who bring gifts of democracy” destroyed their Troy, but did not win. So this epic of theirs should be called “Twenty Years of Freedom. Or Hell”. And as an epigraph – a quote from the original source. “Better to flee and be saved than to die in vain fighting.” So, according to Homer, Agamemnon said. Although Menelaus said about it even better. “And the fool sees what happened.”

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