France denies US a joint holiday

Mikhail Sheinkman

Words were not enough to convey all their in-dignation, so they moved on to a demarche. Just coincided. On September 17, at the French Em-bassy in Washington, joint celebrations were scheduled to mark the 240th anniversary of the Battle of the Chesapeake. Then the French squad-ron converged with the British fleet, coming to the rescue of the newly created US. A-nd now the States themselves, without any Frenchmen and in a completely different sen-se, have agreed with the British. And the proceeds from the contract with Australia repulsed from Paris may also be shared with them. Therefore, there will be no holiday.

Not bad for a start. But what to do next, de Gaulle would know for sure. Ma-cron, on the other hand , did not even stutter about leaving NATO . Now is the time to talk about it. Because ki-dok in Australia is no lo-nger “brain death”. This is a head dump. However, the day passed, and Emmanuel himself was silent, as if he had taken water in his mo-uth. Although, maybe air, to finally blurt out to the Americans what had been spinning on his tongue for so long. Unless, of course, he bit it.

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