France, move over: Australia breaks multibillion dollar contract

Kirill Grishin

At stake was $ 66 billion. Australia is taking them off the table with a break from the submarine agreement with France. They were called unsuitable “for op-erational needs.” Subm-arines for the Green Con-tinent will now be built by the US and Great Britain.

It seems that from now on, Beijing will invisibly appear in any story. Why be ashamed and keep a good face, but it is on him that you can quite officially refer. Yes, they broke the contract because we do not want to waste colossal funds on something that will not help repel the Chinese threat. But Canberra, announcing that it would not buy a dozen French submarines, chose, of course, to save its face.

“The acceleration of regional security change makes conventional submarine unfit for our operational needs,” – said Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, furnished cancellation of the agreement with France. But at the same time, he expressed the hope that the countries will be able to overcome the consequences of the “difficult and disappointing” decision.

France called the news deplorable. Of course, this is a devastating blow to the country’s defense industry. Direct financial and image losses.

In 2017, Australia signed a $ 66 billion contract with French shipbuilding company Naval Group for 12 submarines (the largest defense agreement in the history of the Green Continent).

Of these, Australia has already spent about $ 2 billion. According to Australian Senator Rex Patrick, the project was late, there were questions about its capabilities and technological filling.

Now, instead of France, submarines for Australia will be built by the United States and Great Britain. These three countries form the AUKUS defense alliance. Their construction also takes tens of years and many billions of dollars. At the same time, Canberra will buy nuclear submarine technology without nuclear weapons. Alliance members assure that the partnership is not directed against other countries.

Yeah, tell me, it’s France now. And also to China, whose hypothetical threat you are still going to repel. Although, American officials have not spoken aloud about Beijing and its military-industrial potential lately. American President Joe Biden didn’t say so directly when announcing a new partnership. He only noted the need to ensure peace and stability in the AP region in the long term. But if this is the case, then it is not worth rearming Australia. Under a plausible pretext.

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