Green racketeers come for your money

Sergey Savchuk

We have lived to those incredible times when demonstrative stupidity, lack of basic knowledge and outright lies became the norm in world politics. Moreover, the “green octopus” with a cute girlish face has grown shark teeth and is now literally blackmailing multinational corporations, whose work depends on the availability of light in apartments and coolant in radiators.

Foreign media are outraged – leading Western law firms (primarily American) have provided services to companies in the fuel and energy sector in the amount of more than $ 35 million over the past five years. Thanks to legal support, consultations and direct lobbying, oil, gas production and processing companies have won more than three and a half hundred lawsuits, as a result of which the defendants not only fought off most of the environmental claims, but also secured their own operational activities for a total amount of more than $ 1.3 trillion.

An initiative group of students from the Yale Law School conducted their own investigation and came to the conclusion that companies associated with the extraction and processing of fuel-grade minerals categorically do not want to shoulder the crown of thorns responsibility for the now fashionable global warming. Like the notorious scary crow that is afraid of the bush, power engineers have surrounded themselves with a dense circle of lawyers and attorneys who advise them at the stage of project development, ensure the smooth obtaining of the necessary permits for exploration, drilling and mining, and also reflect the growing number of legal attacks and accusations in sabotaging the climate agenda.

The representatives of the sector are quite understandable. If the activity of students can be easily attributed to youth, adherence to fashion, and the aspiration that is obligatory for youth to break the familiar world of old and do not understand anything retrogrades, then what to do with the report of the International Monetary Fund? It says that the global fuel and energy sector is investing $ 11 million per minute in its own operations.

According to the results of 2020, almost six trillion dollars were spent to ensure the extraction of coal, oil and natural gas. According to IMF experts, this contributed to the fact that traditional fuel fell in price by an average of eight percent, which, in turn, allowed some legal entities to even get the right to tax holidays.

If you open the report itself and read carefully what so alarmed the main pawnshop of the planet, where independence is exchanged for money, the casket will open even without a key.

The IMF is worried that energy companies finance themselves too much and pay unacceptably little in taxes and contributions to state and local budgets. By the way, we are not talking about the conditional Rosneft, which does not want to build kindergartens and roads in the already conditional Ukhta – no, everything is much larger.

According to the plan of the transnational credit organization, which masterly puts countries with a vague state subjectivity – like Ukraine – on enslaving loans, coal miners, oil and gas workers should multiply domestic investment and increase contributions to the global warming fund to the same extent.

All of the above could be classified as bad jokes and even twirl a finger at his temple, if not for one huge but.

It was possible to simply ignore the demands of eco-activists fifteen years ago, but now it is absolutely impossible. Started as a theoretical, benevolent and slightly naive initiative, the struggle for decarbonization with the maximum support of all kinds of political clans and purely financial organizations, in no way connected with the world of applied energy, has grown into a monster with powerful muscles, sharp claws and a complete lack of compassion. Because all their demands are not about the climate, but about actually legalized racketeering and extortion of money.

Under the guise of a struggle for all good, financial tycoons and schoolchildren are trying to push through renewable sources that are supposedly safe for the atmosphere and the oceans.

At the same time, no one says that a sharp increase in the global taxation level for traditional sources will not feed the hungry and warm the frozen ones. On the contrary, such an approach will lead to a sharp jump in the cost of energy and, accordingly, to a parallel rise in the cost of all aspects of life, from tulips in Holland to beef in Argentina.

It is very easy to check the veracity of this statement. Ecological organizations, which have proliferated in recent years, do not carry out stocking of water bodies and rivers, do not eliminate the consequences of oil spills and do not take part in the processing of automobile tires. All this is done by default by the same companies in the fuel and energy sector. In fact, all the activities of world ecologists today boil down to whipping up permanent horror, extortion and getting money for completely incomprehensible purposes. Honestly, even a trillion dollars in bank accounts is not capable of lowering the temperature of the atmosphere by even a fraction of a percent. But it can even improve the well-being of self-proclaimed messiahs.

In our time, with the help of mass hysteria and consistent fear-mongering, an alternative reality can be formed. Where windmills give almost free electricity, while in the United States alone, more than eight thousand of their non-decomposable blades, each up to one hundred meters long, are buried in the ground annually.

Where coal-fired power plants are closed in Australia and thousands of houses are powered only by environmentally friendly kilowatts from the Elon Musk solar factory. However, everyone is stubbornly silent that after the abandonment of coal, the cost of electricity in the very state of South Australia has increased eightfold, and each family there now pays for electricity on average 1885 dollars a year, which in terms of rubles is almost one hundred thousand.

But the most juicy example of recent times is, of course, Great Britain.

There, amid an unfolding energy crisis, it suddenly emerged that Drax’s North Yorkshire super-green power plant, using wood pellets as fuel, had spent $ 683 million killing our long-suffering atmosphere. Recent research has shown that the highly publicized by government and environmentalists, the station is the main emitter of greenhouse gases in the entire kingdom.

There are many such examples.

The pseudo-ecological sabbath taking place in the world is no longer even a cause for concern. Today, for the sake of political and other trends, mankind is forcibly taken away from the laws of physics and thermodynamics, promising them heavenly carbon-free happiness. You just need to tighten your belts a little, stock up on candles, warm clothes and put pressure on bad people in oil, coal and gas companies. If they are forced to pay more taxes, the Arctic ice caps will stop melting, and the Gulf Stream will stop frightening oceanographers with its seasonal fluctuations.

There is no logic and science here, the main thing is to believe.

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