How the Soviet “ghost train” caught up with fear in US

Olga Bugrova

“Composition number zero” was no different from ordinary freight trains. It was not supposed to know what he was transporting. On November 28, 1989, the Molodets combat railroad missile system began operating in the USSR.
In the US, it was called the “ghost train”. Among the hundreds of freight trains on the railways of the USSR, it seemed impossible to calculate the “Molodets”. And yet he was figured out. For some reason, the train with only 17 carriages had three locomotives. Satellite surveillance began on him.
Weapon of retaliation
The secret project was launched in 1969. The first line-up appeared in the 1980s. He was driven 18 times across all climatic zones – from taiga to desert. When he drove 400 thousand km, the production was put on stream. In 1989, the USSR had three special missile divisions, each with four trains – a total of 36 launchers. Director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces Yuri Knutov says:
The Molodets complex posed a colossal threat to the United States, since it used intercontinental ballistic missiles with a range of 10.5 thousand km. By the way, already at that time all our missiles were equipped with multiple warheads. It was a super-unique system and a very formidable weapon. In the USA it was classified as a weapon of retaliation.
“Well done” were created in such a way as to withstand a preemptive nuclear strike and deliver a powerful retaliatory strike. But several years passed, and they all went under the knife.
Death of “Molodtsev”
In the United States, they also tried to create something similar, moreover, so that the movement of the train could not be tracked. Yuri Knutov continues:
“The Americans had an idea to dig underground tunnels for rocket trains with several exits for launching, but the project turned out to be super expensive even for the United States. must fire an intercontinental ballistic missile from absolutely anywhere, no matter where it stops. “
Having failed, the US still won. In the 1990s, on the wave of trusting relations with Russia, they insisted on the destruction of rocket trains and hastened their disposal – they helped with money, brought super-modern cutting devices, a “cutting” line was built at one of the factories: it became the point of no return for the Soviet Molodtsov.

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