I don’t care about children and women: The country has chosen whom it will save

Elena Karaeva

The French state ra-dio France Info on its portal published an open letter from the country’s leading intellectuals asking the president to evacuate “artists, journalists, painters, writers, exhibition curators” from Kabul.

The letter, judging by the messages that appeared a few hours later, reached the addressee: Macron ordered to send a military board for the Afghan creative intelligentsia.

Let’s pause to emphasize: the Parisian intellige-ntsia urged to export not c-hildren, not sick people, not old people, not those who, for example, served in the army, not translators who worked for the French military and who are now in da-nger of death, but their ow-n. Colleagues, so to speak.

Moreover, they are their own in the literal sense, sin-ce it was these people who received generous funds to promote the ideas of westernizing Afghan society from the hands of this very Parisian intelligentsia.

Thus, Europe outlined its priorities in who it intends to host, introducing a real apartheid.

Only it is not based on skin color, but on educational qualifications and, no less important, on years of proven loyalty to the owners.

There is no reason to doubt that this decision is a pan-European one, adopted, as it should be in the EU, on the basis of consensus, since Emmanuel Macron, addressing the nation this week, stated it bluntly. Well, as far as possible for a politician of his level, of course.

The President of France, a country where the words Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity ” is the official motto of the state) adorn all public buildings and even on the petanque court said that he will “provide shelter to those who are in it needs, but dealing with petitions based on current legislation, “in order – continued Macron -” to prevent large unregulated flows of migrants that could endanger those who receive them and protect themselves from them. “

France intends to receive about 30 thousand Afghans.

Macron referred to the conversation with German Chancellor Merkel, stressing that this position is shared by her.

Germany, for its part, announced that it is ready to accept approximately the same number of migrants from Afghanistan (the figure includes family members), Britain, although not already in the European Union, made it clear that it would not mind opening the gates of the kingdom in front of 20 thousand refugees.

Estonia, having initially said that it would accept 100 (one hundred) people, decided to throw the cap behind the mill and increased the quota by as much as three times: up to 300 (three hundred) people.

These anecdotal numbers at another time would have caused sarcastic laug-hter: the total population of Afghanistan (the census has not been conducted for a long time, so the numbers can only be approximate) exceeds 35 million.

Even if we assume that less than a percent of the adult population was associated with European institutions, both military and civil, this is at least an order of magnitude higher than the quota announced by the EU.

In general, with regard to leaving the former allies to the mercy of fate, the experience of the European countries has accumulated centuries-old and colossal.

France especially distinguished itself.

Here we can mention not so long ago events (2015), when, in the military actions agreed at the highest level (between Putin and Hollande) against IS, the French pushed an aircraft carrier group led by the flagship Charles de Gaulle into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the Syrian shores., and Russian pilots on the ammunition made the inscriptions “This is for you – for Paris !” (Putin then said that “we remember the allied brotherhood of World War II and its traditions”), how less than ten days later, without informing the allies, without informing the allies, the aircraft carrier group withdrew from the water area.

Several years later, it became known that Obama, having learned about Russian-French cooperation, called Hollande in a rage and practically ordered him to stop any coordination with Russia of military actions against IS terrorists.

And you can remember the events of the colonial war in Algeria (1954-1962), where on the side of France against the partisans from the National Liberation Front, as the French themselves called them, the Harks fought. Harki belonged mainly to the Berber people and, having joined the colonialists, hoped, among other things, to get more rights and opportunities for their ethnic group.

A few months before the end of the war, when the outlines of the Evian Agreements were looming, in 1962, the Harks, by order of Paris, were obliged to surrender all the weapons that the French military took away (why would the good be lost?). The day after the signing of the document, according to which Algeria gained independence, the Harks learned that they were no longer needed. In total, there were about 350 thousand people in the kharki (and again with family members).

With colossal efforts, no more than a couple of tens of thousands were able to move to France, and the rest were simply massacred under the new government.

As collaborators with the colonialists.

They killed everyone, even babies were not spared.

And only more than 60 years later, French officials mumbled that yes, of course, it did not turn out very beautifully then, not quite in the spirit of humanism and European values, which we, of course, terribly regret today.

Only very naive, very simple-minded people could assume that, fleeing Afghanistan in disgrace (the Napoleonic battle of the Berezina against this background looks like an example of courage and nobility), the Europeans and Americans would take at least someone with them in their wagon train.

The thesis about salvation, shelter, shelter and table ceases to be of any significance when it comes to saving one’s own political skin. For Macron, who is to be elected in less than eight months, this is extremely relevant.

What are the “Afghan refugees”, pardon me? In a country where more than half of the adult (ie, voting) population – namely 64 percent – see a direct link “between immigration and terrorism,” no politician would agree to commit suicide by opening doors wide for Afghans.

So, a little more than eight thousand and a half thousand a year of consideration of applications for asylum for Afghans (the relevant government services will not cope with a large amount, Secretary of State Marlene Shiappa has already said) – long diplomatic games with Iran, Pakistan and Turkey, where, as it is assumed, the asylum seekers can wait for your turn to obtain an entry permit to the EU.

Of course, this service from Ankara, Tehran and Islamabad will not be free (there is a precedent: for the fact that Erdogan does not let the Syrians through in accordance with the agreement with the European Commission, Turkey receives 3.5 billion euros from her annually).

Today, in order not to see refugees from Afghanistan on the territory of the EU, Brussels will not stand up for the price.

Someone, of course, will be taken out – someone who babbles briskly in European languages, has a university degree, or is doing “politically important work.”

Everyone else can transfer children outside the fence of the airport (as in the Jewish ghettos during the war, babies were transferred in the hope of saving them), beg, shout, demand – the EU, after all, values freedom of speech in this form too.

We all witnessed not just a political crisis when “something went wrong”, not just a military failure when intelligence and the army messed up, not just chaos, when a lot of blood could be shed. We are witnessing a tectonic shift and the collapse of the values that Europe has repeatedly declared, which, as stated from all the high tribunes and media platforms, lie at the heart of the EU – we see that these values exist “only for their own.”

These values are obviously estate, and the estate is a sign of the Middle Ages.

In the same way, honesty, nobility and mercy to the fallen and the weak are signs of the Renaissance.

The death of civilization – but not under the blows of barbarians, but as a result of greed, stupidity, human failure of those who govern the EU today – is only a matter of time.

The European Union is briskly going down the stairs, where every step is in the blood of those who believed in European ideals. Europe, your name is treachery!

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