In control: Russian vessel tracked British aircraft carrier

In control: Russian vessel tracked British aircraft carrier

Ilya Kharlamov

The powerful British aircraft carrier group did not go unnoticed by the Russian Navy. Reconnaissance ship ” Kildin ” monitored the actions of British sailors off the coast of Oman .

The Royal Navy’s carrier group, led by the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, visited the Indo-Pacific for the first time, where it conducted joint exercises with the Omani Navy. Experts who shared their views with The Times suggested that the far from new Russian medium intelligence ship Kildin, built 52 years ago, could have tracked the actions of British sailors while in the same area during the exercises. Including he could intercept messages from British ships. Built during the Soviet era as a research ship, the Kildin was re-equipped. Including equipped with electronic intelligence. British experts believe that this vessel may have a powerful reconnaissance potential.

It is noteworthy in this story that she herself appeared and began to be discussed in the public space thanks to social networks. They showed footage of “Kildin” in one of the Omani ports moored next to a Dutch military frigate escorting Queen Elizabeth. Well, indeed, an ideal position to intercept information about the actions of the strike group participating in maneuvers with Oman. And this is not the first time that the public gets acquainted with the actions of the military from various countries on social networks.
As for the exercises themselves, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the participation of the Royal Navy in them demonstrates support for Oman as an “invaluable partner” and all the states of the Persian Gulf . This fits into the political logic of London , which, after Brexit, is making every effort to ensure the country’s presence in the oceans and preserve the status of a maritime power. But it is unlikely that all this remains without attention from other states. Both friendly and not very friendly. There is nothing extraordinary in this: the navy of any country has intelligence equipment, including electronic, in its arsenal. Everyone was watching, watching and will follow each other.

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