It is better to introduce a dictatorship or destroy the country than to endure it

Dmitry Kosyrev

For more than a m-onth, the American media have been talking about materials with similar headlines beginning with the word “rejoice.” Democrats should rejoice, because they won: they got everything they wanted. Republicans (conservatives) should also rejoice, because Democrats actually feel terrible, their illusions have been shattered. In general, everyone should be delighted – but for some reason everyone is very nasty.

Now this roll call has flared up anew for a completely obvious reason: poll data have appeared, from which it follows that both halves of America hate each other so that a normal country and a normal life are all the same that no longer exists. In general, we already knew this, but then quite impressive numbers arrived in time. As a result, the headlines began to roll over again: rejoice, guys, in fact, everyone is doing well.

First, about the survey data – to make it clear how “good” it is. It was conducted by the University of Virginia across the country, lining up roughly equal groups of respondents voting for one or the other party. And it turned out that more than 80 percent of those and others believe that the elected officials of the administrations (respectively, Donald Trump and Joe Biden) are “a clear and clear threat to American democracy.” More than 75 percent on each side believe that voters “on the other side” threaten the American way of life. Both groups believe that the country needs a strong leader to destroy the infection on the other side of the barricades. Finally, 41 percent of liberals and 52 percent of conservatives believe the situation is so dire that it would be wise to divide the country.

Okay, if only one group of voters accepted the last idea, and here both. By the way, Democrats in the United States gravitate towards the east and west coasts of two oceans, while conservatives tend to the south and center. That is, a divided America would exactly resemble Hindustan after the departure of the British – with West Pakistan and, separately from it, East (now completely independent Republic of Bangladesh). Not to mention the fact that in many “red” states the capital votes for the “blue”, and beyond its borders another country begins. This is true both in California and in its antipode, Texas.

How and why should conservatives rejoice in such a situation? The argumentation of the democratic The Washington Post is predictably snide here, but there is something in it. There was a publication on this topic back in April, and it describes the agony of the liberals. They feel that their goal – the total transformation of society – is as far away as ever. In addition, they saw how the Conservatives are now mobilizing their electorate, and they realized that the enemy is not defeated.

The main thing is that the ideas of the democrats are unrealizable from the very beginning (and this, we repeat, the publication recognizes – their faithful mouthpiece). Income Equality? An open world, including for any kind of refugees? “Green” destruction of the economy? Well, the Biden administration seems to be in place, but as soon as it tries to promote something like that, it becomes clear to the democrats themselves that this will ruin a large part of the world – and America in the first place.

Happiness, as you know, is not only when you feel good, but when bad people feel bad. This argument is offered in this case to conservatives. And what is presented to the other side? There is a commentary just released by another Democratic publication, The NewYork Times. And this is a brutal action, mostly directed against immoderate liberal radicals.

They are told: you wanted it, you got it, rejoice (the idea that there is nothing worse than a complete dream come true is not mentioned here). Remember what the Democrats dreamed of that year in 2000 – you already have it all. A society where every sixth person considers himself a sex minority, where marijuana is more or less legalized, where the average arithmetic skin color has darkened in general, – rejoice, rejoice.

Well, the fact that many democrats are now immersed in melancholy is because they have discovered: in fact, many of their desires lead to such a society and peace that it’s better not. Super-individualism, which would be ensured by a powerful state that distributes money not even with a shovel, but with excavator buckets – this will not simply not work, it will ruin any country. And then the radicals are told: get carried away, let’s learn to stay in the middle. Great Americans like Andrew Jackson knew how to sew a split society, create centrist coalitions and keep them for a long time.

Jackson? But Democrats hate the history of their country and the country as a whole – because they are for an open world. And instead of thinking about reconciliation, they (see above) think that half of their compatriots are enemies and that it is better to split the country than to tolerate people with different views around them. Very understandable and human.

But what in this situation should we rejoice in Russia? Is it just that everything is very bad in the USA (as well as in Europe)? The reaction is quite understandable – given that we have been accustomed to catching up and overtaking America for many decades – we still measure our successes and failures by the American yardstick. Understandable, but not very useful (except for small malevolent pleasures).

Better, of course, to be smarter: to think, for example, what would happen if we had sociological polls in some 1917 or 1918. Perhaps there would be found those who looked at them – and were frightened. Those who would not allow one force, so fiercely hating another, to come to power, but would find some kind of middle option. Perhaps they would begin to explain to a society that is rapidly diverging into two sides that there is only one way out of such a situation by force: millions of victims and the total destruction of everything (which ultimately happened).

Or maybe we need to see what ideas of democrats (and conservatives too) are so terrible for some significant part of the population that they deprive people of the meaning of life – and push them to the idea that it is better to introduce a dictatorship or to destroy the country than to endure. Moreover, surprisingly many ideas have accumulated there, large and small, and it is possible and necessary to study them for a long time and seriously.

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