Joe Biden still plans to make it in 24 hours

Mikhail Sheinkman

They say that the relatives of 13 dead American soldiers were terribly offended by Biden for the fact that at a meeting with them, he casually looked at his watch. Although what’s wrong with that? When a 78 person is constantly caught on cognitive abnormalities, on the contrary, it’s good that he is still able to keep track of how much he has left. At least before taking medications. And even more so until the fateful August 31st. He even postponed his audience to Zelensky until September 1, so that nothing would distract him from the deadline.

In Kiev , for example, they think so. After all, if they admit that the owner of the White House has decided to separate the flies from the cutlets, it will turn out that their president has an unenviable role in any case.

Moreover, he has no choice, given that Biden is still trying to turn the stuffing back from Kabul. All that will be left for his Ukrainian guest is to hum louder and more obtrusively. Better Joe glances furtively at his watch than, as in a meeting with Bennett, deep into himself.

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