Kabul cheated grandfather

Alexey Naumov

American President Joe Biden attended the farewell ceremony for the soldiers who died during the recent terrorist attack in Kabul, and immediately became a target for criticism: the conservatives accused him of heartlessness and a desire to quickly end his unpleasant duties. As the crisis in Afghanistan draws to a close for the United States — troops are to leave Kabul on Tuesday, August 31 — the American public is preparing for a new crisis, this time domestically.

“On guard!” – the sonorous order of the commander seemed to cut the silence of the mourning atmosphere in the city of Dover (Delaware state), where the US President and other leaders of the country arrived to say goodbye to the servicemen who died as a result of the terrorist attacks in Kabul. The distinguished guests put their hands to their hearts, and six soldiers carried the coffin from the plane to the black hearse.

The procedure was repeated 13 times, according to the number of soldiers killed by terrorists of the Vilayat Khorasan orga-nization (a branch of the Islamic State banned in the Russian Federation) and avenged by an air strike on two Kabul terrorists – this blow, however, according to local residents, led to the death of nine innocent people.

“Their courage and self-sacrifice made it possible to ensure the safety of 117 thousand people,” Joe Biden said the day before. He called the dead “heroes who made the highest sacrifice for the glory of American ideals and for the salvation of other people,” and on the day of the mourning transfer of bodies he met with the families of the dead soldiers in private.

However, participation in the ceremony, traditional for such sad cases – the former President Trump, we recall, in February 2020 also met the dead American servicemen – was not without a scandal. Conservative Americans and the media noted that as the president removed his hand from his heart behind his back, he furtively pulled back his sl-eeve and looked at his w-atch. It seems that he was uncomfortable that he had to pay tribute to these Ame-rican heroes, ”the New Yo-rk Post quoted one Amer-ican veteran as saying on Twitter.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee also tweeted : “Many remember how 41st President Bush looked at his watch during the debate and how awful it looked (although we can say the same about the debate itself). But this is unheard of, it will be remembered. “

Unflattering words addressed to Joe Biden were also heard from the lips of the relatives of the dead servicemen. They accused the President of the United States of the death of the relatives of the US President: some for the fact that he poorly organized the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, others for the fact that he made a decision on their withdrawal at all.

The tiring, tragic and inglorious Afghan mara-thon, which began with the rapid offensive of the Tal-iban terrorist group banned in Russia, continued with the fall of Kabul and the hastily organized evacuation operation, continues to negatively affect the president’s rating. According to a survey conducted jointly by USA Today and the University of Suffolk, only 41% of respondents appro-ve of Joe Biden’s activities, while 55% of respondents assess it negatively. Since spring, the drop has made an impressive 16%, and if the Democrats are still rallied around the leader (87%), then voters without certain party preferences are already in doubt (Mr. Biden is supported by only 32% of them).

“Today, President Biden’s approval rating has deteriorated due to the disastrous assessment of his work on Afghanistan. The assessment of its activities on migration and economic issues is deteriorating. The only thing that still somehow keeps him afloat is his work on the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, where he has plus or minus 50%, “said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk Center for Policy Studies, on the results of the study.

Meanwhile, new clouds are gathering over Joe Bi-den’s presidency as some of the more intransigent Repu-blicans are already launching a campaign to criticize the president’s “Afghan” w-ork from a new angle. They are alarmed by the massive export of Afghans to the United States. “We need to make sure the people who come to our country want to support it, not attack,” said Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale.

The political sails of the anti-Biden campaign are filled with the wind by none other than Donald Trump, who informally leads the group, a president who has made the fight against migration one of the pillars of his policy. “We can only imagine how many thousands of terrorists from Afghanistan have been transported around the world. Terrible failure. NO CHECKS! How many terrorists will Joe Biden bring to the US? We don’t know, ”Donald Trump said in a statement, hinting at government assurances that every Afghan who enters the United States undergoes a thorough security check.

However, while the par-ty rather supports the Afgh-an allies: in the second half of August, only 16 Repub-lican congressmen voted against the bill to increase the number of special visas for Afghans, and the governors of the traditionally “red” (republican) states li-ke Arkansas and Oklahoma said they were ready to accept Afghan refugees … But this fragile consensus will surely collapse if among the “US allies” who have left Afghanistan there are indeed disguised terrorists: it is reasonable to assume that Joe Biden’s already low rating may not withstand such a blow.

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