Karabakh issue and Russia’s role

The issue of Nagorno-Karabakh which was temporarily buried by the both competitors through a trilateral agreement between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russian Federation last year, has again reappeared due to violations by the Armenian Army. According to the Azerbaijan government, gross violations of the agreement had been made by the Armenian Army through deployment of its armed troops to the territory of Azerbaijan and established new military posts in disputed areas on Azeri-Armenian border. According to reports, Russian peacekeeping forces are currently deployed in the area however Russian troops are playing the role of a spectator instead of halting these provocative actions of the Armenian military. Azerbaijan Army told the media that it is taking adequate measures to prevent any aggression against the country. According to reports, the recent escalation has been ignited by the newly posted Armenian Minister of Defense Arshak Karapetyan, who is following an offensive doctrine and insisting on the use of force by the Armenian army by any means. The Azeri government also accused the former Minister of Defense of Armenia David Tonoyan of introducing a provocative military doctrine namely “New Wars, New Territories”.

In fact, the trilateral agreement between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia could not last long because the watchman sided with the invaders. Russia was backer of Armenia during the Azeri-Armenian conflict 2020, whereas Azerbaijan was supported by Turkey and Israel. The recent mischievous actions of Armenian Army has the full backing of Russia and active support of Russian Peacekeepers deployed in the disputed territory. Both Armenia and Russia are tied together in a military Alliance “Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) therefore how a belligerent partner can play an impartial role in conflict resolution. Actually, the authoritative role of the big powers in the regional conflicts has reduced the space for the United Nations to play its due role in conflict mitigation around the world. Although Azeri government is requesting Russia to end its so-called peacekeeping role, but Russian troops are still positioned in the area. The United States remained limited to verbal statements while U.N. opted to carry out only humanitarian activities in the Karabakh conflict, therefore Russia had availed full freedom to manoeuvre as per its desire/ interests. Due to reasons, no sustainable peace agreement could be conceived by the parties in November 2020. Therefore, the current situation of Nagorno-Karabakh merits decisive intervention by the UNO to resolve the conflict in a peaceful manner.

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