Legacy from Donald Trump. Biden faces major challenges

Ksenia Melnikova

Former US President Donald Trump flew to the border with Mexico. Washington is facing its worst migration crisis in 20 years. Crowds of illegal immigrants from Latin and Central America are storming the American frontiers. Republicans blame the Biden administration, believing that the country is drowning due to the influx of illegal immigrants after the new leader canceled the harsh measures of his predecessor and stopped building a wall in the southern United States. At the same time, many Americans, on the contrary, run to their neighbors in search of happiness.

With notes in hand

“We have done a great job. But now we have an open, really dangerous border,” said former President Donald Trump, who came to Texas. The politician added that if he were still the head of state, the wall separating the United States from the neighboring country “would not be rusty and rotting.” “Biden is destroying our country,” the former leader summed up. His trip comes amid reports that border states are choking on illegal immigrants fleeing to America from poor countries in Central and Latin America.

The company of the 45th President of the United States on the border with Mexico was made by the Governor of Texas Greg Abbott. It was he who was known as one of the main critics of Joseph Biden. Abbott promised to use state money to complete the wall, which began under Trump and stopped under Biden. For this, he decided to allocate $ 250 million from the relief fund during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the governor opened a public fundraiser for the construction.

Vice President Kamala Harris flew there a week earlier. She tried to dissu-ade local residents from ill-egal migration to the Unite-d States, promised them more help at home, help in the fight against corruption and human trafficking.

The migration problem in the United States has always existed, but it became especially aggravated during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump made this question one of the highlights of the campaign program. He convinced the Americans that all Republicans traditionally advocate stricter immigration laws – and the Democrats allegedly want to open the borders.

Trump assured voters that to solve the problem, a wall should be built with Mexico. And, barely settling in the White House, he began to fulfill his promises. Under him, about 1,052 kilometers of barriers were erected, while the length of the entire border was 3145 kilometers. Many Americans were outraged by such measures. Therefore, Trump’s successor in the presidency – Biden and his team decided to show that they are acting differently.

Immediately after his inauguration, President Biden overturned decisions made under Trump to control the influx of migrants. He stopped the construction of the wall, and also said that now the United States will not expel children arriving unaccompanied by an adult.

Recently, thousands of illegal immigrants from Mexico, as well as other countries of Central and Latin America, have been trying to get into the United States across the border every day. There are over 15 thousand migrant children in temporary detention centers. They arrived without their parents. Many were holding notes with the phone numbers of relatives who had already settled in the States. Previously, minors were automatically expelled, but now they were allowed to stay.

Republicans blame De-mocrats for migration problems. “The growing crisis on the border is a humanitarian catastrophe, which was provoked by the words and actions of President Bi-den. It will only get worse from now on,” said Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Trump himself described an even more frightening scenario: “Millions of people will pour into our country, and this will destroy it.” The 45th US president also said that “in just a few weeks, the Biden administration turned a national triumph into a national disaster.”

Who is to blame and what to do

The head of state is fighting off attacks. He says that, while serving as vice president in the administration of Barack Obama, he did a lot to solve the migration problem. At the same time, the authorities secured the allocation of $ 700 million to resolve the situation on the border. But the Republican who came to power, Trump did not use this money. As a result, the influx of illegal immigrants has increased.

And Biden only inherited the hardships he inherited from the Trump presidency. The 45th American leader has tightened legislation, but at the same time, during his reign, the services continued to record large flows of migrants. They began to subside only in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Those who could not get into the United States in 2020 repeated their attempts the following year, when the Biden administration had already come to power.

US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mallorcas also made extensive use of this argument. According to him, the number of people wishing to enter the United States has been steadily growing since April 2020. Most single adults or families are rejected. “Poverty, violence and corruption in Mexico and the Northern Triangle – Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – have kept people looking for a better life in America for years. Conditions there are getting worse. We are getting closer to the fact that more people will arrive at the Southwest border than in recent 20 years, “he said, adding that it is difficult to control the flow due to the fact that the Trump administration has curtailed the infrastructure for the temporary accommodation of migrants.

The authorities themselves do not understand what to do, and this is the problem.

Many politicians are convinced that it is necessary to change the migration legislation. It was last updated during the presidency of George W. Bush.

But pushing through the reform package is difficult, even though Democrats now have a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives. And in the Democratic Party itself there is no unequivocal answer to the question of whether it is worth splitting the reform into laws or whether it should be carried out in a whole package. In any case, it will be very difficult to come to a common point of view, given the tensions between and within parties. The US President can only look in the budget for opportunities to improve the conditions of stay of illegal immigrants at the border and speed up their distribution.

Reverse migration

In April, The Washin-gton Post and ABC News conducted a public opinion poll. He showed that 53 percent of Americans surveyed do not approve of the actions of the Biden administration to combat the migration crisis, 44 percent of them strongly disagree with the steps taken by the head of state. Thirty-seven percent of the respondents were completely satisfied with the president’s migration policy.

The situation has changed over the past few months. Ipsos found that the majority of Americans – 45 percent of those surveyed – believe that Biden copes with the influx of illegal immigrants much better than Trump. The former American leader was supported by 39 percent of respondents. Americans generally do not regard the migration problem as the main one. In the first place among the threats to them are crime and violence (32 percent), then racial inequality (29 percent), the coronavirus pandemic (27 percent) and the state of health care in the country (25 percent). Only then does migration take place (24 percent).

In addition, recently people have been moving in the opposite direction: Americans living near the border are moving to Mexico. US citizens are the largest group of foreigners in the neighboring country. According to the State Department, there are over 1.5 million Americans in Mexico. Many go there because of the low prices for housing, medicine and food. Most people like the warm climate and great food.

“Americans moving to Mexico are divided into three groups: people who go there for work, descendants of Mexican migrants who decided to return home, and retirees who vacation in resorts. They usually choose places where it is more or less safe. But nevertheless, migration from the USA to Mexico is not a mass phenomenon. The flows of people wishing to get to the States are more powerful and significant, “Anastasia Bunina, junior researcher at the Primakov IMEMO Center for North American Studies, explained in an interview with RIA Novosti.

At the same time, Americans traveling to Mexico are often also considered illegal. These are usually retirees. They must obtain special visas – “retirement”, provided for wealthy elderly people who are not going to work in a neighboring country. But many do not draw up these documents – either out of ignorance, or not wanting to get involved with the confusing Mexican legislation. So in any case, the problem exists on both sides of the border.

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