Nuclear power is run by “dear escorts”: What is the threat?

Elena Karaeva

This coming week, E-mmanuel Macron intends to report on a possible weakening of the current coronavirus r-estrictions: he urgently needs a place as a leader in public opinion polls. After all, Macron intends to be re-elected, whatever the cost. The French head of state desperately needs an increase in popularity in order to begin to burn out those who oppose him.

And the French president’s henchmen, who are also called macronists, do not intend to limit themselves in their means. As the publicist Erik Zemmour has already felt on his own skin.

He, having managed to call him a participant in the election campaign (although Zemmur did not talk about anything like that), was removed from the air on the TV channel, where the journalist participated in a nightly talk show.

The oversight body – the Supreme Council for Audiovisual Media – issued a directive demanding that the time allotted to the talk show for Zemmur the publicist be included in the report as timing when Zemmur (the alleged politician) presents his views.

High ratings, a large audience share and the popularity of Zemmur became a problem for the Elysee Palace: at the very moment when Macron himself is considering the possibility of creating an alliance not with the right, as one might think, but with the most vociferous and indoctrinated left – the Green party.

Therefore, the less Zemmur’s reasoning about the coming “ecological dictatorship”, the better for Macron today.

But not only Zemmur received a black mark. François Fillon, over whom the macronists have already committed one court punishment (on the charge, the groundlessness of which, like direct interference in the course of the investigation, was admitted even by the prosecutor, who opened the investigation in due time), is now being held in the second case. This time, Macron’s ex-rival is suspected of “embezzling public money.”

In order, as they say, to drive the former prime minister of the country, like a nail – on a hat. So that he, like Zemmur, could not say a word publicly.

The elimination of real or potential political rivals of the one who is promoted by the elites to the top post for France is not too old political technology practice. It was first used ten years ago when it became necessary to remove from the road leading to the Elysee Palace, then the obvious favorite and in fact the candidate from the Socialists, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. A provocation was organized against the ex-Managing Director of the IMF in a New York hotel. Remember how the black maid told me that they tried to rape her? True, the case did not even go to court – the New York prosecutor’s office in relation to Strauss-Kahn dropped all charges, since the possible victim lied and was confused in the testimony, and was illegally in the United States at that time. Howev-er, Strauss-Kahn was politically annihilated forever.

And Hollande (with a disastrously low rating even in his own party), who at that time met all the requirements of the globalists, on the contrary, was forced to lose weight, taught to tie a tie and managed to give the ex-mayor of a provincial town the gloss of a “Parisian thing”.


Hollande agreed with all the decisions that those who made him president demanded of him. He accused Russia of “annexing Crimea” and supported the imposition of sanctions against our country, betraying the interests of his fellow citizens and damaging the French economy. Hollande obediently saluted when Merkel opened EU borders to millions of illegal immigrants. He supplied weapons to the Islamists in Syria.

However, by the end of his mandate, he did so, in the opinion of those who were preparing the possibility of re-election for him, with insufficient enthusiasm. Therefore, Hollande was thrown off as a played card, stopping the choice on his subordinate.

The history of almost five years of staying in power of the successor of Hollande Macron is a series of political failures caused not by external force majeure, but by an elementary lack of skills in governing the country.

No, it was impossible to introduce additional taxes at a time when people were counting extra euro cents to reach their salaries. And no, it was not worth the first lady to flaunt in outfits, the cost of which was the annual salaries for the majority of the country’s population. And here are the “yellow vests”.

No, it was not worth it, after working for the Rothschilds and receiving astronomical bonuses there, declaring an unemployed boy from the village that “in Paris you can find a job by crossing the street.” As well as taking in confidential the closest employees of a person (Alexander Benalla) with, to put it mildly, a strange and muddy past.

There is nothing to say about the pandemic – the fiasco is obvious.

But there is also a personal defeat for the French leader. Despite all Macron’s statements that “vaccines should not be subject to market laws” (that is, patent restrictions on production), the selling price for this ty-pe of medication was incr-eased by a quarter, and the COVAX international vaccination campaign, which was promoted by the Presi-dent of France, failed miserably…

Actually, the same thing, but in the language of numbers, opinion polls also say – almost all of them give the incumbent president 24% of the votes in the first round of elections. Exactly the same amount as Macron received in 2017 in the same first round.

This means that during the time that the politician was in power, he did not add an iota of voters.

But Macron skillfully produced enemies, both in the country itself and abroad: foreign policy – chaotic, ill-considered, frankly weak – made France (nuclear, for a minute, a power) a laughing stock.

The hysteria with the “knife in the back” that Canberra allegedly stabbed Paris, the recall of the ambassadors from Australia and the United States, as well as the cancellation of the ball on the occasion of the victory in the Chesapeake battle – a cheap job for the public.

When five years ago, French society was probed whether the banker Macron was elected to the first post in the country, Alain Munk, his mentor and guru, a man who was also called the “chief personnel officer of the Rothschilds,” remarked: “You know, a financier of this level is actually dear an escort who knows how to seduce and obey, but most importantly, she understands when and what is required of her.”

These words are quite applicable to the manner of governing the country during the current mandate of Macron, which expires in May next year. Apparently, approxima-tely the same line of behavior will determine his upco-ming electi-on campaign. But if five ye-ars ago there was neither an economic crisis nor a pandemic, now, to seduce the voter, beautiful blue eyes will not be enough, and you won’t achieve much with hysterical lies either.

Macron will either have to completely reconsider h-is tactics in order to incr-ease the electoral base, or eliminate all his opponents, as it was already done with Fillon. Knowing the French president, it is almost impossible to make a mistake in predicting what choice he will make.

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