Nuclear power’s dual standards

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has claimed that the United States military has begun active work to modernize its tactical nuclear weapons and storage bases in European countries. According to Shoigu, the US with the full support of NATO allies, has stepped up work to modernize tactical nuclear weapons and storage sites in Europe and the world has concerns about the involvement of pilots of non-nuclear member states of the bloc in exercises to practice the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Russian Defense Minister expressed his serious concerns at a joint meeting of the Russian and Belarusian defense ministries. Shoigu said that Russia sees it as a direct violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. However, while shedding light on Russia Belarus ties, Shoigu was of the view that the two countries have approved the joint activities of their defense departments to ensure military security during coming years and their joint bilateral exercise “Shield of the Union” will be a key event in 2023.

The two warring nations United States and Russia are fiercely engaged in an arms race including manufacturing and storing of deadliest and most sophisticated Nuclear, Conventional and Biological weapons for the purpose of establishing their supremacy in the world. Besides harnessing lethality of their arsenal, the two Superpowers have adopted the doctrine of infamous Hitler’s propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels that defames your adversary through hue and cry while doing the same thing at home in dark. However, the nuclear sharing phenomenon is a decades long practice of the United States. During the initial years of the cold war, America started the deployment and storage of its nuclear weapons in European countries to provide security assurance to its allies in the face of the dominant Soviet Military threat. According to reports, under this nuclear sharing program, NATO’s non-nuclear member states not only accepted storage and deployment of Nuclear weapons on their soil, but also their personnel remained involved in maintenance, planning to use and strike training exercises over the years. Russia had been raising the issue at international level. However, the United States and its allies remained engaged in this unlawful business and insisted that their arrangements were in line with the provisions of the NPT, whereas IAEA kept its lips tight on the issue. Although the Russian Defense Chief rightly raised his concerns about maintaining and practicing operational drill for the use of nuclear weapons by the non-nuclear states under patronship of the United States. The United States and the UK had made another attempt to deliver their military nuclear capability to Australia through the formation of AUKUS arrangements during recent months.

Apparently, Shoigu made a strong assertion against his rival but it is less likely to have an effect on the world conscious, because Russia itself is not clear of such allegations. In fact, Russia enjoys similar relations with Minsk, and there were reports that Russia had been considering deployment of its nuclear capable Topol missiles and warheads in Belarus in response to America’s deployment of missile shields in Poland and Czech Republic during the past. Although there had been serious violations of nuclear nonproliferation regimes like NPT and CTBT by the two superpowers, IAEA’s Groosi remains unable to feel the stains on the face of his club.

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