QUAD: Biden has assembled his Liverpool four

Mikhail Sheinkman

They are now inseparable. Pacific. Biden and … “this guy”, well … “buddy”, mmm … “Mr. Prime Minister.” Or maybe it was already in Joe’s head that it was Scott Morrison. They do not part for a week. And it’s easy to remember. Let not Jim, but has to do with doors. Opens doors to the States with direct access to China. And two at once. One for AUKUS, one for QUAD. The same Yankees with Australia, only with India and Japan instead of Britain. And today they have their first summit. Biden collects.

The same one that a couple of days ago swore to the whole world that there were no more blocks. Although what blocks are they? AUKUS is purely brotherly. QUAD and without England that the Beatles. Only the Washington Four. Biden has already released his first hit.

True, he stole copyright from France. But his Yellow Submarine is at the top of the day.

This is for America in this region to “have-to-have” everything. China, for example, says that it is according to its soul, that the QUAD road is paved with good intentions. However, the head of the US Chief of Staff Committee, General Mark Milli, is still silent. It would be something terrible, I would have called.

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