“Russia and China are studying our technology”

Mikhail Kotlyar

On Saturday, October 9, former US President Donald Trump gathered a large rally of his supporters in Iowa. Speaking at the showroom in Des Moines, the state capital, the former head of state again raised the issue of last year’s election, condemned his successor, Joe Biden, for the failed withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and accused the current administration of flawed economic policies. Read more in the review by Gazeta.Ru.

About equipment aba-ndoned in Afghanistan

Trump said Russia and China are already studying military equipment abandoned by the Americans in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of troops in August. “Russia and China already have samples of our wonderful Apache helicopters. They are already disassembling and studying them, trying to figure out what’s what. And soon they will begin to produce equipment that is not inferior to ours for less money. It’s a shame, ”the former president said.

This is not his first statement on this topic. Back in late August, Trump announced that the US Army had left tens of billions of dollars worth of military equipment in Afghanistan, including Black Hawk helicopters. Then the former head of state also said that American weapons would be studied by Russian and Chinese specialists who would be able to make cheaper counterparts. Trump believes that ultimately American weapons will fall into the hands of Washington’s “enemies.”

About the loss of energy independence in the United States

According to Trump, Biden’s policies led to the country losing its energy independence. He said that at the time of his departure from the presidency, the United States had more oil and gas than Saudi Arabia and Russia. However, this advantage has now been lost.

“For the first time, we have secured energy independence for ourselves. Now they are asking OPEC, Russia and other countries to send us some oil, ”Trump said at the rally.

Energy prices in the United States are growing against the backdrop of record gas prices in Europe and rush demand for it. Gasoline prices in America have climbed to 80 cents per liter, a record high in the past seven years. The US strategic oil reserve now stands at about 618 million barrels.

American experts do not rule out that Washington may agree to a ban on crude oil exports and restrictions on the sale of natural gas abroad to regulate energy prices. According to White House spokesman Jen Psaki, the United States is currently negotiating with other OPEC members to prevent surges in fuel prices on the domestic market.

About future tax increases

The economic policy that the White House is currently adhering to will bring more benefits to Beijing than Washington, Trump is sure. “Biden’s plan will build China, and we in the Republican Party want to build America,” the ex-president said.

According to him, Biden’s strategy will increase the tax burden and lead to the fact that it will be more profitable for businesses to work in China than in the United States.

The economic aspect of the Biden plan includes two large-scale bills. One of them involves spending $ 1.2 trillion on infrastructure development, the second – the development of education, health care and “green” energy, its cost has not yet been determined. In the US Congress, even among Democrats, there is disagreement over these costs, which makes it difficult to pass these bills.

In addition, the administration of the current president proposes to increase the corporate tax (from 21% to 28%) and capital gains tax (from 20% to 39.6%). Washington thus wants to achieve budget revenues of $ 3.5 trillion.

About criticism of the Republicans

Trump also went over GOP Senate members for supporting Democrats and raising the national debt ceiling to prevent technical default.

“Just think, we had 11 Republicans who joined this decision, including [the party leader in the Senate] Mitch McConnell,” he said.

The previous limit of the US national debt was $ 28.4 trillion, on October 8 the Senate approved a bill to increase it by $ 480 billion. This measure is temporary and will cover government spending until December 3. By this time, legislators need to agree on a permanent measure, otherwise the country will run out of reserves to meet its financial obligations and default will occur.

During his speech, Trump did not directly announce his participation in the US presidential elections in 2024, but experts note that Iowa is a key state for the start of the election race. And his choice for the next rally hints that Trump will again apply for the post of owner of the Oval Office.

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