Russian-Chinese strategic partnership

A Russia-China joint Strategic military drill “Sibu-2021 or Interaction-2021” was successfully concluded by the two Armies at Qingtongxia military training site in China recently. During the ending ceremony Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said that building up interaction of the Russian and Chinese armies on land, in the air and at sea is an important direction of the militaries of the two countries. According to him, the practice of holding joint operational and combat training measures has become regular for Russia and China since 2018. According to the Russian Defence Minister, the practical interaction of the Russian Armed Forces and Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is reaching a new qualitative level and contributes to regional and global stability.

While Chinese Defence Chief Wei Fenghe said that both China and Russia can maintain peace and stability in the region by joint efforts. He further said, the two armies operated in a cohesive and coordinated manner and organized the process well and demonstrated good interoperability. According to Wei, these drills are yielding obvious results as real warfare can be simulated at a very high level. According to reports, the integrated control information system was tested for the first time during the drills by the two countries.

The two neighbors Russia and China had moved to warm their somewhat cold relations of the Soviet Union era through bilateral contacts during the 1990s and signed a treaty of friendship during 2001. Presently, both nations had marked the 20th anniversary of their friendship treaty on 16 July 2021. Recently, President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping held a virtual summit and reemphasized their desire to further strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries. The two nations have a lot in common however both are facing a staunch enemy (United States) who usually stings them frequently and brings them closer quickly than ever before. Therefore, both Xi and Putin sat together to search for the recipe to get rid of this common enemy and found their safety in the unity of both nations. Although, western media is taking this enterprise lightly, the unity of two great powers of Asia could be a game changer in international politics in the days to come.

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