Salvaging cricket from whims and fancies

Salvaging cricket from whims and fancies

Parvez Jamil

How agonizing is revesling and convincing on the distorted aspect of national cricket to save or salvage its image from being brutally tarnished.

So iminent and evident indeed that Babar Azam is one of the world’s nicest and finest batters unleashing the beauties and wonders of batting.

But it is very hard to believe that Babar Azam contributes bulk of the reasons for the very dismal performance of national cricketers.

Just a few of the many examples sadly reflect on Skipper Babar Azam’s personal likes, dislikes, whims, fancies and  miscalculations:

In different formats of the game questioned is including  huge liabilty ones like Hasan Ali and Nauman Ali and rejecting gainfully adding ones as Azam Khan and Sharjeel Khan.

It is beyond imagination to  digest if cricket liability players themselves sacrifice to rise over self voluntarily quiting in larger interest of the game and  in  the higher  national  interest.

Among daunting social problems to address and rectify are die-hard ego, nagging  conflict and cut-throat competition  including  those in cricket and its decision-makers.

If leaders were to lead from the front in fairplay and justice, including those in cricket, followers would be enlightened in letter and spirit towards  better and brighter results.

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