So as not to start a war: The nuclear button of the US president was taken away

Victoria Nikiforova

In January of this year, the legally elected US president did not control American nuclear weapons. This sensational news was brought to us by a distinguished investigator – he arranged Watergate for President Nixon half a century ago – Bob Woodward. In his just-published book, “Peril,” the 78-year-old journalism patriarch quoted the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milli. He told him that after the events of January 6, he was so afraid that Trump would make a mess before leaving that he changed the algorithm for deciding on a nuclear strike.

Naturally, the topic is so explosive that Millie describes the situation in a very evasive, Aesopian language. However, what he did is not difficult to understand. By law, the President of the United States issues an order to launch nuclear missiles after consultation with military leaders, primarily with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The voice of the military is exclusively advisory. But Milli warned officers that any orders from Trump in this area must first be reported to him, and he will decide what to do next.

This is not enough. Without saying anything to Trump, General Milli called his Chinese counterpart, Chief of the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission, Li Zuocheng, and told him not to worry if something happened. Literally, “I’ll call you, General Lee, if we’re going to attack. It won’t come as a surprise.”

Now Republicans and Democrats are arguing violently whether this bell was an act of high treason or not.

Spoiler alert: was. However, in the system of US government at the highest level, everything has become so entangled that the Democrats are shouting “you do not understand, this is different!” – and many even believe them.

Has the situation gotten better with the arrival of Biden? Nothing of the kind. Just now, the US Supreme Commander has been invited to Congress to ask him questions about Afghanistan. However, Biden had other things to do. For him, Secretary of State Blinken, who has absolutely no control over the situation, puffed up in front of the congressmen.

“And who is responsible for everything in our country? Who makes the decisions?” Senator Risch asked him. He reminded Blinken that the day before, the president was cut off from the air in mid-sentence, in the midst of a meeting with officials over the California fires. “He’s like a puppet,” said the senator. “He can’t say a word, so that someone in the White House doesn’t turn him off right away.”

All right, all this would be happening in some banana republic with an army of several hundred gouges. Well, really, it’s funny if the chief of her general staff calls a friend from the general staff of the enemy country and says: “Well, you, don’t worry, if anything, bro. I’ll dial you before we bang.”

But the United States is the absolute world champion in stockpiles of conventional, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. An eccentric-looking elderly gentleman, who is now and then disconnected from the ether, commands an army considered to be the most powerful in the world.

Moreover, the US military machine is now in the process of an interesting transformation. Some analysts believe that the flight from Afghanistan and the sudden withdrawal of the US military support for Saudi Arabia are not accidental. This is the end of the senseless and annoying “war on international terrorism”, which degenerated into some kind of struggle of the Nanai boys, and an attempt to implement a much larger program of international aggression.

According to the Rand Corporation, back in 2014, the Pentagon began discussing a mysterious plan called The Third Offset. He implied that the main military adversary of the United States would be roughly equal powers – China and Russia. Victory over them was to ensure America’s hegemony in a new, multipolar world.

All the little things like Afghanistan or Iraq were supposed to be forgotten, and efforts to concentrate against the superpowers. For this, the army had to become super-technological. Robots, artificial intelligence, space technology, cyber troops – that’s all. Why Third Recovery? This meant that for the first time the US Army experienced a technological transformation after the mediocre defeat of the Korean War. The second technological breakthrough came after the defeat in Vietnam. The third recovery was planned in the aftermath of the inevitable defeat in the war on terrorism.

The idea did not immediately find support. However, in 2018, already under Trump, a national defense strategy was adopted. It was China and Russia that were designated as the main opponents of the United States, and the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans were the main theater of future hostilities.

“The third recovery” is, of course, not for you to chase the Taliban across the desert. Different strategy, different weapons, different money. Under Trump, the Pentagon’s budget soared above $ 700 billion. Biden planned to give 753 billion to the military in 2022. Moreover, more than a hundred billion will go to the flagship of new military technologies – the Advanced Research Department of the US Department of Defense. More than 10.4 billion will receive cyber troops.

It is interesting that artificial intelligence plays a huge role in this huge plan. Google owner Eric Schmidt, Palantir owner Peter Thiel and other digital oligarchs have been successfully selling their work to the Pentagon for a long time.

How they work is another matter. The same artificial intelligence has made mistakes more than once, simply epic. In 2003, for example, at the beginning of the Iraqi war, American Patriot missiles, launched without human intervention, shot down first British and then American fighters by mistake. The pilots were killed.

More recently, the early warning system gave a false alarm at the American Ramstein base in Germany. At that time, exercises of the Russian Navy were going on in the Baltic Sea. The computer mistook training missile launches for real ones.

Nevertheless, American partners are planning to use artificial intelligence in the field of nuclear weapons with might and main. Moreover, in such a sensitive area as the decision to launch.

The American defense publications, the same Rand corporation, have already published dozens of scripts that describe how a computer can make a mistake when identifying a threat and making a decision. For example, he may be confused by an unusual atmospheric phenomenon. The computer will mistake it for enemy missiles and launch its missiles towards it. The enemy will react with a real launch. Welcome to the apocalypse.

However, the idea is becoming more and more popular. It involuntarily seems that the American partners need artificial intelligence solely as a smokescreen. Who gave the order to launch the missiles? Yes, here it is, a computer. He was just wrong. Well, how computers go crazy in American films – from A Space Odyssey to Interstellar. And no responsibility on anyone. You can’t drag a computer to Nuremberg.

See what exemplary bedlam reigns among the American elite. Poorly oriented president. The vice president always disappearing somewhere at the right time. An openly helpless secretary of state.

Military? Well, General Mark Millie is very keen on the idea of instilling diversity and multiculturalism in the American army. He patronizes transgender people and those with undetermined sexual orientation. It is enough to watch a video advertising service in the American army to make everything clear with Millie. Yes, he just calls the Chinese and warns about the launches.

Demonstratively weak elite. Weird military freaks. “Who is responsible for everything ?!” Inevitably, I want to transfer command to artificial intelligence. And then any decision made by unknown oligarchs from the “deep state” should be blamed on a computer error.

How much fuss did American partners make in the 1990s, when the former republics were separating from the USSR. How many predictions there were about the proliferation, theft, and smuggling of nuclear weapons. And none of them came true. Soviet civilization passed its final test with flying colors: it retained its nuclear weapons and ensured complete security for everyone.

The attitude of the Americans towards their missiles cannot be called anything other than devil-may-care.

Against the backdrop of the news, I involuntarily recall Bill Clinton, who managed to completely lose the codes for launching missiles. Then they were looking for them for a long time. If the American elite demonstrates such intelligence, where is the guarantee that their artificial intelligence will perform better? Perhaps it is time for the international community to pay attention to the nightmare that is happening with the nuclear button in the United States. Take their arsenals under international control, or what? Russia could help, by the way.

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