“Social Network of Truth”? Banned Trump Launches His Platform

Olga Gavrilova

“Truth” from Donald Trump. The former US president is creating his own social network in response to the tyranny of big tech companies that “silenced America’s opposition voices.” Trump’s project is called TRUTH Social.

Discussions about freedom of speech are thankless and, in fact, pointless. Everyone understands it differently. This also applies to former US President Donald Trump, who announced the launch of his own social network called TRUTH Social, which can be translated as “social network of truth.” Trump is positioning the new platform as free from any censorship and promises to “give the floor to everyone.” So he is going to “resist the large technology companies that use its unilateral power to compel silence opposition voices in America.”

The ex-president of America has repeatedly tried to get back online using his own services after he was banned from leading social networks, including Facebook and Twitter earlier this year , for allegedly unsubstantiated statements about stealing votes from him and inciting riots at the Capitol 6 January. Everyone knows how it all ended – the storming of the Congress building and the death of several people.

However, he did not work out anything good with the new social networks. In particular, the blog “From Donald Trump’s Desktop” was closed a month later due to low attendance. Then there was the social network GETTR, which was launched by a former adviser to Trump. It is noteworthy that on the day of the official launch, it was briefly hacked and this, apparently, predetermined the fate of the project in the future. It never became an alternative to the leading resources and, apparently, is doomed, since the declared freedom of speech for this site has gone sideways. The social network has been flooded with a wide variety of audiences – from members of the QAnon conspiracy movement and right-wing radicals to anti-maskers and anti-inoculants.

And the management of GETTR had no choice but to clean up posts and images of obscene content. And this already ran counter to the promised freedom of speech and the fight against censorship. Apparently, the deletion of posts and accounts on social networks is an inevitable phenomenon and is unlikely to be eradicated, since freedom of speech ends where the rights and freedoms of another person or the censor’s considerations begin.

It’s hard to say what will come of it this time. But there are fears that everything will end in the same way as with the social network GETTR. Anyway, is the truth that he wants to convey on his social network under the same name so important for Trump? Will it really be possible to freely exchange a variety of opinions on the new platform? The answer is more no than yes. Perhaps everything is much more prosaic and the former president just wants to regain the Internet tribune.

In general, we will find out how the audience will evaluate Pravda in November, when TRUTH Socia will start working. But after the launch, it will be possible to register on this social network only by invitation. It will open for everyone only at the beginning of 2022. By the way, the Truth Social app has already appeared in the App Store. Moreover, its icon is similar to Facebook, and the description begins with the phrase “Follow the truth.” So we’ll see how many followers she has.

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