Taliban present their government on September 11

Mikhail Sheinkman

Presumably, they did not bother with the choice of the date for long. It seems that more humiliation, well, after the appointment of the US ministers of the persons wanted by the US, and can no longer come up with. Not in the towers, of course, the twins, but a blow to self-esteem, which is necessary. Control. In the house of the hanged man about the rope, however, it is indecent to speak. But they don’t go to his house. While at home.

They also did not take courses of nobility and condescension to the defeated enemy. They are not in this part – educational, in the sense. Even the new minister of their education, Mavlavi Munir, sees no use in him. Because “the mullahs and Taliban who have come to power have neither doctoral, nor master’s degrees, nor a high school diploma, but they are the greatest of all.”

If any education is valued here now, it is the education of the Taliban *. And on September 11, he has an official second, if not birth, then coming. That may be offensive for the US, but still not fatal. Indeed, on this day, the terrorists could well repeat something else. And so – it seems like they will be busy.

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