“The coronavirus is awesome!” In the United States, they were silent about dangerous experiments for a year

Victoria Nikiforova

US authorities continue to search for the organizers of the coronavirus leak at a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan. But the Americans themselves found the possible culprit much closer – on their own territory. It turned out to be a British scientist with a classified biography and interesting international connections.

Meet Peter Dashak . Prominent zoologist. The head of the enigmatic charity EcoHealth Alliance, which, along with famous scientists, includes the wives of wealthy Americans and high-ranking intelligence officers, including the former head of the legendary Fort Detrick biolaboratory.

The American publication has just obtained evidence that for more than ten years, Peter Dashak has been doing research on coronaviruses in laboratories and in the wild. Moreover , his “research” was funded by the American corporation Google .

Interestingly, the corporation hid these projects in every possible way, although it would seem that sponsoring scientific research is a good thing. Peter Dashak actively experimented with the coronavirus, trying to modify it so that it could be transmitted from animals to humans.

“The coronavirus is so cool!” He said in 2019. “It is very easy to manipulate it in the laboratory. Ralph Barick (University of North Carolina ) and I worked on this… You insert a piece of another virus into it and refine it in the laboratory.”

However, immediately after the outbreak of the pandemic, Dashak became the main Google speaker on the topic of coronavirus and began to vehemently deny the very possibility of the artificial origin of the infection. He even organized a letter from scientists to the respectable scientific journal Lancet, in which any suggestion about the man-made nature of the coronavirus was declared heresy.

At the same time, the Google leadership drowned in the search engine and outright banned all speakers, including famous scientists who tried to voice an alternative point of view. The laboratory origin of the coronavirus became taboo for a whole year.

Today the situation has changed, but Dashak continues to promote the version of the natural origin of the virus. This winter, he traveled to Wuhan as a member of the WHO commission and again debunked the idea of ??the artificial origin of the coronavirus.

The question arises: why does the IT giant need projects in the field of virology at all? Let’s listen to the “chief physician” of the corporation, the head of the Google Health division, David Feinberg. “Google is actually a healthcare company,” he admits to reporters . “It wants to help the billions of people it has access to.”

And billions didn’t know … Until now, all Google Health plans to protect the health of mankind remain a secret behind seven seals. Occasionally, scandals like the one that happened in 2019 only break out.

Then, shortly before the pandemic, it turned out that in 2018-2019 the corporation launched an absolutely secret project “Nightingale” to collect medical data from all patients of the American network “Ascension” clinics. Ascension has more than 2,600 clinics operating in 21 states. Accordingly, the corporation ended up with the most intimate personal information of millions of Americans. Why is she Google, what is she going to do with this data?

The scandal with Dashak is no less mysterious. The Americans today are concentrating on the fact that the scientist has worked in the Wuhan laboratory more than once. However, he actually worked all over the world. He conducted experiments on the transmission of coronavirus from bats to people, for example, in Bangladesh , and other experiments in Tanzania , Malaysia , South Africa, and the United States.

No, no one says that a British scientist designed a virus and then orchestrated a man-made leak. This is only suitable for the script of a film about James Bond and a supervillain. However, it is impossible not to notice how profitable the pandemic was for Google. While you and I were losing our health and earnings, the owners of the corporation at a frantic pace “cut the loot”: in just a year, the net profit of Alphabet (the owner of Google) grew by 17%, and capitalization – by a third.

What makes Google’s healthcare programs especially ominous is that the corporation has a long and close relationship with the US Department of Defense. Isaac Taylor, the company’s top executive, sits on the Pentagon’s experimental innovation division (DIUx). Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt heads the Defense Innovation Council at the Pentagon – along with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos , by the way. Both of these councils deal, among other things, with biosecurity and military applications of the latest biotechnology.

Not surprisingly, Dashak’s experiments with coronaviruses were also sponsored by the Pentagon and US government agencies. More than $ 64 million was provided to the British scientist by USAID , an organization banned in Russia , notorious for its sabotage and provocations around the world.

Another six and a half million was transferred to Dashak by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the US Department of Defense (DTRA). The money was transferred in 2017-2020 . Grant title: “To study the risk of an outbreak of a zoonotic epidemic in West Asia caused by a bat virus.”

Previously, DTRA specialists worked to prevent the creation of a “dirty bomb”, looked for sources of radioactive contamination, now most of them have retrained to search for biological threats. Agency employees are looking for them almost exclusively along the borders of Russia – in Kazakhstan , Azerbaijan , Georgia, Armenia and, naturally, in Ukraine . That is, exactly where the classified American biological laboratories are located.

Back in 2007, DTRA was planning an action plan for the Spanish flu epidemic. In 2009 , a scenario was considered in which a “genius villain” would carry out bio-sabotage, infecting tens of thousands of people with the Marburg virus. It would seem that the fight against bioterrorism is a good thing, necessary. The paradox, however, is that the United States itself remains the world leader in the release of hazardous substances.

From more than one and a half thousand American biological laboratories (these are only those that are allowed to work with the most dangerous viruses and bacteria) flows like a bucket. “There are two incidents in our laboratories every week, and everything is on the rise,” epidemiologist Mark Lipsich of Harvard told Reuters.

Only in 2014, at the government level , the dangerous incidents related to the release of the pathogens of smallpox, anthrax and bird flu were discussed several times . “How do we deal with the leaks? Close the laboratories,” the press wrote.

But, even worse, American scientists also carried out deliberate sabotage. In 2001, just a week after 9/11, Bruce Ivins, who worked at the Fort Detrick Biolaboratory, began mailing out anthrax spores. Since 2007, the FBI has been monitoring him. Probably, during interrogations, Ivins could tell a lot of interesting things, but in 2008, for some reason, he committed suicide.

… And with such an amazing background, Americans today are trying to blame Chinese scientists for the coronavirus leak. From a sore head to a healthy one, as they say.

“What is it, my lungs were destroyed by a bioweapon, the creation of which was sponsored by the US government? Well, who will be responsible for this incredible stupidity?” – asks a reader from San Antonio .

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