The ‘evacuation’

Elena Karaeva

The surrender of units of the Azov battalion (a criminal case has been initiated against the militants of this national formation in Russia ), which for several days was most often commented through gritted teeth by the Western media, calling it “evacuation in accordance with the agreements reached through the mediation of international organizations”, with yesterday began to be interpreted and called differently.
It turns out that the order to surrender was given by the top military command of Ukraine to more than two thousand combatants hiding in Azovstal in order to “save their lives.” Thus, it turns out that official Kiev, which claimed that “the evacuation of soldiers” (and not capitulation at all) was taking place, again itself actually disavowed its own comments on this matter. Although why reserve only for Ukraine the ability to play with words and meanings, passing off white as black, and black as white? The “evacuation” thesis was extremely actively supported by practically the entire European and American press.
Although, of course, ma-nipulation was already em-bedded in the word usage itself. Only civilians can be evacuated. Any other maneuvers related to withdrawing from the battlefield, leaving military positions, or going on the defensive, have very clear linguistic definitions, since all of the above, in fact, are taught. in military schools and academies.
And each such action has clearly defined and clearly regulated areas of responsibility. Both commanders and subordinate personnel. It’s like a prescription, according to which those who intend to devote their lives to military service, defending their country, comprehend the science of winning.
But the current story that took place in Mariupol and ended, as everyone knows, by taking control not only of the entire urban agglomeration, but also of the territory of the metallurgical plant, falls out of the ideas of good and evil of those who oppose Russia. How it falls out of any norms of behavior characteristic of the army and honored by it during hostilities.
These violations concerned not only what they wanted to present the capture as “evacuation”, but also, for example, keeping civilians, including children, near or directly in combat positions for a long time. Today, various PR people who are at war with our country in the digital and information space are faced with the need to constantly invent new words, look for new meanings for these words, just not to admit that in this battle Russia continues to lead in the account, without giving up the initiative to anyone for a second.
Of course, the whole story of the surrender of the Azov battalion – from the preparation of Western public opinion to those video frames in which we see the confident calmness of our politely disarming their recent opponents – is an illustration of this global glass game of substitution of meanings. So let’s still look reality in the face, ceasing to turn our ears to various storytellers. So, the preparation for the surrender of the Azovites, in which they were assigned the role of only extras, did not begin at all in the basement of the metallurgical plant.
This training started in the ancient interiors of the Vatican, where the wives of the Azovites – for some reason, accompanied by the actionist Verzilov – appeared next to Pope Francis. Those who know that the pontiff’s audience ceremony is scripted with the precision of an orchestral score and tolerates neither liberties nor improvisation must have been surprised that the private nature of the meeting had been violated.
Actionist Verzilov filmed what was happening on his mobile. So, we can draw the only possible conclusion: the entire Catholic flock should have been aware of what was happening. Then, almost the next day, it was the turn of not the parishioners, not the churched public, but their, so to speak, secular brothers and sisters. A series of interviews were published – with questions that could not help but make them feel like they were dictated by someone, and with no less predictable answers.
When such materials, in which, despite the fact that they are written in different languages, come across similar in meaning or simply the same words and expressions, when they are published almost simultaneously (despite the fact that the news agenda today is by no means limited to the crisis in the Russian-Ukrainian relations), the thesis that before our eyes someone is conducting an all-out PR campaign seems at least worthy of attention. And at the very least, trustworthy. The goal of a public relations campaign, whether you want to sell dry goods or the surrender of your army units (in this case, they are almost the same thing), is to convince you that your socks and stockings (or your military ones) are the best.
The fact that some of them will tear after the first wash, and the second ones are already completely demoralized, does not matter in this case. It’s not about reality, but about what was invented.
The Nazi guard was invented, which was given the task of sublimating and constantly demonstrating hatred for the Russians, for the Russians and for Russia. These anti-Russian (as if Praetorian) guards should not have known any weaknesses or compromises there.
Until the geopolitical crisis reached its peak and Russophobia became practically a new totalitarian doctrine in the collective West, it was still possible to evaluate the actions of the Azov people and the ideology that united them. Including political ones. Including, for example, even in the USA. Even on Capitol Hill. And even in the French Senate.
At the time of the beginning of the NVO from “Azov”, the same PR people made the vanguard of the fight against Russia, and they immediately became “resistance forces” from nationalists of the most terrible persuasion. The second word was aspirated and intoned dramatically to make everyone understand that they were the Warriors of Light fighting for freedom. The geopolitical crisis has exposed the rotten back of this farce.
And the rotten – but also terrible – essence of the slogans that rushed from his stage. The anti-Russian idea in its military execution ordered a long life on the territory of the Mariupol metallurgical plant. How, dare we say, the illusion that anti-Russia can become part of Europe has also died.
Europe did not come to the rescue, but the Azov people themselves surrendered, communicating in Russian. Without the slightest accent. The language, therefore, was not learned by them, but native to them. Well, the last. About the order not to “evacuate”, but to surrender. Having laid down their arms in front of the Russian army. As we all know from film classics, “they are ordered to die. There are no such orders yet – to live, surrendering to the enemy. They have not learned to write. Not in any army in the world.” So we have every reason to doubt that the order to surrender was nevertheless given.

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