“The most advanced”: deputies appeared in Kiev

“The most advanced”: deputies appeared in Kiev

Ilya Kharlamov

Breakthrough news came from the Kiev City Council: female people’s deputies are now called deputies there. More precisely, the chosen one. If this continues, then the female population of Ukraine will soon be called men.

From now on, a deputy in Kiev is the absolutely official name of a member of the city parliament. As claimed in the women’s wing of the party, “the servant of the people”, to initiate innovation, the Kiev parliament was “the most progressive in the country on gender equality.” And the whole country should be equal to it. Until now, they have not experimented with feminitives at this level in Ukraine. It would be logical for the movement created within the party to be called “Servant of the People”. But no, they called him ” Ze! Women”. Apparently, otherwise bad associations would arise. By the way, in the Kiev City Council itself, women are a minority, so there is no mathematical gender equality, unlike linguistic equality.

The problem of feminitives (derived from masculine words that directly refer to women) arose half a century ago in the United States. Naturally, thanks to the activists. Until that moment, the American, like any other society, did not put such questions at the forefront, which did not interfere with a calm life and development. However, one of these activists said that the existing linguistic tradition monstrously disparages the image of a woman. Well, off we go. No, reasonable and balanced people do not oppose feminitives as such. By the way, they have been organically used for a long time. Citizen, student, noblewoman, cook, actress and so on, and so on. However, medical women are very offended if they are called doctors. And there are plenty of such examples. If you follow the logic of ardent supporters, oh, supporters of feminitives, then you have to go all the way. Then let there be a human, a director, a manager, president and further on a huge list. Feminists argue that the lack of feminitives robs women of identity, levels their problems and generally offends the beautiful half of humanity. But any formulation of the question can be brought to the point of absurdity. In developed countries, there has been no gender inequality for a long time. And in states where women are especially treated by virtue of religion and traditions, it has never been, and will not be. The same as feminitives. it never will. The same as feminitives. it never will. The same as feminitives.

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