“The story of another Afghanistan”: Kiev recognizes collapse of country’s economy

Evgeny Odintsov

Verkhovna Rada de-puties criticized the Ukrainian authorities for their position on the deal between Gazpr-om and Hungary, depriving Ukraine of transit capacities. Contrary to the position of official Kiev, the parliament assu-mes that Ukraine has no right to command the Hu-ngarians, indicating with whom to sign contracts.

For the first time in history, Gazprom has officially stopped gas supplies to Hungary through the transit routes of Ukraine. Under a new contract signed by the Russian and Hungarian parties, the Russian Federation undertakes to send 4.5 billion cubic meters of fuel to Hungary annually via the Balkan Stream, which passes through Serbia and Austria.

Kiev officials have condemned Budapest for the deal and continue to insist that Moscow is using gas as a “weapon,” and are also demanding that Germany and the United States impose sanctions on the Russian gas company. Hungary responded by calling Ukraine’s actions, including an ultimatum and calls for sanctions, outrageous, stressing that Kiev had nothing to do with who and what Budapest was negotiating with.

However, despite the position of the Ukrainian government, there are opinions in the Verkhovna Rada and in political circles that it is Kiev that is to blame for the loss of transit capacities.

Ilya Kiva, MP from the Opposition Platform – For Life (Opposition Platform – For Life) faction, said that the deal between Russia and Hungary became possible thanks to the thoughtless and criminal economic and political position of the Ukrainian authorities.

“The beginning of the end of the Ukrainian economy, and subsequently the collapse of the country <…> Now all those who contributed to this, such as [ex-Prime Minister Arsen-iy] Yatsenyuk then, and today [President of Ukrai-ne] Volodymyr Zelensky, can be easily prosecuted for betrayal, surrender of national interests and sabotage, destruction of the Ukrainian gas transportation system, which brings about $ 3 billion to the Ukrainian budget annually, “the People’s Deputy wrote in his Telegram channel.

Kiva, among other thin-gs, suggested that Ukraine’s actions in the current situation were “playing along” t-he United States. He belie-ves that this was done to please the American partners, who “lost to Russia”, wanting to sell their LNG in Europe.

“[Ukraine] simply destroyed its economy and future. Fatal story of another Afghanistan, ”the politician said.

The head of the political programs of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future, Yuriy Romanenko, called the statements of the Ukrainian authorities that Hungary is obliged to pump gas through Ukrainian routes “ridiculous”.

“It’s like the reaction of a drug addict who is used to the light dose that neighbors constantly give. And now the neighbors are tired of the drug addict and the costs associated with him. And what conclusions does the addict make? Simple – the neighbors are bad, give me a dose. But there will be no dose, ”says an article published on gordonua.com.

Romanenko stated that Ukraine is facing a “painful stage of breaking and sobering up”, but focused on the fact that Kiev has deprived itself of transit.

“Nothing and no one has harmed Ukraine so much as our collective stupidity and irrepressible fantasies that everyone owes us by the right of our existence. These toxic fantasies will have to be thrown away along with the habit of living for free. In order to simply survive and get out of the regime of gas and other forms of drug addiction, ”he wrote.

The Ukrainian-Hungari-an gas conflict has become a sign of the complete unprofessionalism of the team of President Zelensky, said Oleg Voloshin, a dep-uty of the Rada from OHL-Z. He believes that claims can only be made against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Balkan Stream is the second line of Turkish Stream).

“We have no right to command Hungary, with whom to conclude commercial agreements. They are afraid to criticize Ankara – they had to put some wine in their mouth and keep silent. And so the past government loved to assert that “the whole world is with us.” This [government] has every reason to say: “The whole world is against us,” Voloshin wrote on Facebook.

The former head of the Transcarpathian administration, Gennady Moskal, added that not only Hungary, but also Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania were disconnected from the Ukrainian GTS some time ago, which did not cause any reaction from the Ukrainian authorities, in contrast to the situation with Budapest.

This leads to the fact that Ukraine, despite the desire to abandon Russian fuel, a-ctually buys it from the Ru-ssian Federation anyway.

“Each state protects its internal interests, except for ours. We do not buy gas from Russia, we buy in Slovakia, and soon Slovakia will buy through the Turkish Stream, and again we will buy in Russia, not in Slovakia, ”he recalled on the air of the NASH TV channel.

Former People’s Deputy Anna German said that people in Ukraine cannot be provided with heating even now, but this did not force the government to draw conclusions, and it c-ontinues to quarrel with H-ungary. She cited the example of Germany, which formally also has contradictions with the Russian Federation, but at the same time acts pragmatically.

“We decided that we were so proud and so independent that we didn’t need cheap gas. The Germans are less proud and less independent, they take Russian gas, conclude long-term contracts, get rich, and we will buy Russian gas from someone who has already bought it, ”she explained.

For the last year, the Ukrainian authorities have silently watched the preparation of a deal between Russia and Hungary, doing nothing, says the deputy of the Kiev City Council, representative of the European Solidarity party Serhiy Taran. He expressed bewilderment why during this time Kiev did not offer Budapest favorable conditions for the extension of the contract, and only now officials began to talk about what the best contracts of Hungary could give.

“Over the past two years, Ukrainian politics has ceased to be proactive, we always only react to what is happening, we never play ahead, do not predict events, but only react to what has already happened,” he stated.

The United States and Germany have not yet reacted at the highest level to the dissatisfaction in Ukraine with the gas contract between Gazprom and Hungary. The European Commission also made it clear that they will be able to ask Budapest and challenge the contract with the Russian Federation only if there are suspicions that it threatens European energy security.

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