There are others behind Biden: Who really runs America

Ksenia Melnikova

Joseph Biden remains one of the most unpopular American presidents. His policy is not understood, and any mistake or slip of the tongue is the focus of media attention. But the power of the first person in the United States is in any case severely limited. Congress, prominent De-mocrats and Republicans play an important role. Strong teams of lobbyists can also push decisions behind the scenes of the White House. RIA Novosti dealt with the shadow administration of Washington.

Escaping popularity

Biden’s actions are now approved by only a third of Americans, and half assess his work negatively – these are the results of a study at the University of Quinnipeck. Affected by the migration crisis, the failure in Afghanistan, problems in the economy.

Biden is so unpopular that even his predecessor, Donald Trump, looks three years ahead, expressing a willingness to fight for the White House again. He considers the current head of state to be simply incapacitated. In general, Biden is often reminded of his age (78 years) and his state of health, his forgetfulness or lethargy is noticed. There were persistent rumors that in reality the country would be run by Vice President Kamala Harris.

Initially, the main responsibility of the second person in the state was reduced to the presidency of the Senate and deciding the fate of controversial bills – and this happened rarely. However, since the second half of the twentieth century, vice presidents have become full-fledged political players. Harry T-ruman included his deputy in the National Security Council, Dwight Eisen-hower sent his partner on a world tour for almost 70 days, during which he managed to communicate with several dozen leaders of the Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Walter Mondale, vice president under Jimmy Carter, attended private briefings with intelligence officials and helped develop a “new nuclear strategy” aimed at a protracted standoff with the Soviet Union.

George W. Bush Sr. headed the country after serving two terms as vice president in the Ronald Reagan administration. And Dick Cheney, a deputy under George W. Bush, was considered a gray cardinal. He advocated the deployment of troops to Afghanistan and the war in Iraq, created a security system after the September 11 terrorist attack, approved the torture of terror suspects. For his craving for power and a penchant for cruelty, by the way, he was nicknamed Darth Vader.

Biden himself, being a deputy under Barack Oba-ma, actually performed the duties of secretary of state, which annoyed Hillary Cli-nton. He oversaw the Iraqi campaign and the Ukraini-an crisis, using not only diplomatic channels, but also personal connections. Mike Pence, who worked with Donald Trump, was given the role of peacemaker, calming politicians both inside and outside the country – after harsh statements from his immediate boss.

Disappointed partner

Kamala Harris was considered almost more influential than her boss during the race. Democrats predicted a successful tandem. Republicans, including Trump, said she would rule in place of Biden. But it turned out the other way around: the White House sometimes has to solve the vice president’s problems.

Harris cannot boast of political success, rarely appears in public and, according to media reports, will not establish normal work in his own headquarters in any way – employees simply flee from there. “People are treated like dirt there,” an anonymous source told Politico.

To cope with the assign-ed tasks also fails. The president instructed Kam-ala to deal with the uncontrolled influx of refugees from Latin America, promote vaccinations against coronavirus and protect American suffrage – allegations of electoral irregularities have exacerbated the inter-party division. But the migration crisis Harris is too tough, the vaccination campaign is marking time. And the bill to expand voting rights was blocked by the Republicans.

The popularity of the vice president is dwindling before our eyes. She was trusted by 50 percent of Americans, now a little over 40 percent. She is reproached for her lack of political instinct. According to the American media, the White House is also unhappy with her.

Influential people in American politics

The third person in the United States after Biden and Harris is considered to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives, 81-year-old Nancy Pelosi. She is known for both loud political statements and radical actions. It was “Madame Speaker”, or “the woman who challenged Trump,” as she is called in Congress, who launched the country’s third impeachment procedure against the US president. She now actively supports Biden’s initiatives.

“Pelosi is a very influential lady. But she should not be overestimated. There are other key figures in both parties: the elite, prominent senators,” Viktoria Zhuravleva, head of the Center for North American Studies at the Primakov IMEMO RAS, explains to RIA Novosti.

Among the Republicans, the Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, stands out; the Democrats, Chuck Schumer, the Majority Leader. And also senators, who at various times ran for the presidency and actively flashed in the media, representing the left wing of the Democrats Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Republicans Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Lindsay Graham and many others.

Speaking on television, they try to influence public opinion, suggest new ideas, not being afraid to go against their parties. Recently, the Western media spread the news: “Congress and specifically Senator Cruz are seeking sanctions against Nord Stream 2. The White House does not agree. In response, Cruz prevents the approval of seven American ambassadors. And this harms the reputation of the United States in the international arena.

Still, the influence of individuals on American politics is not so great, Zhuravleva specifies. In the United States, decisions – both domestic and foreign – are taken collectively. The president, his administration, and Congress are all taking part in this.

“The leader needs the support of his party. And it is in her interests to push through bills that would help win the next elections. Ted Cruz is an active Republican, often appears in the media. But it is not enough to be a visible senator and have your own electorate in order to influence decisions., adopted by the party, congress, and even more so by the president. It is important that people agree with your point of view, “the Americanist emphasizes.

Came and canceled

However, it is increasingly difficult for Democrats and Republicans to negotiate. In addition, they are under pressure from lobbyists. “Representatives of public and private organizations are asking to include in the bill what they need or remove something. Business plays a large role in American politics. For example, when discussing health issues, pharmaceutical companies and organizations representing the interests of hospitals and doctors have a strong say.”, – Anastasia Bunina, junior researcher at the Center for North American Studies of the IMEMO RAS named after E.M. Primakov, explains in an interview with RIA Novosti.

If, nevertheless, it was possible to reach a compromise in one of the chambers of Congress, the other should pass the bill. There are levers of pressure here. For example, deputies may not approve the document, send it back for revision, or even put it on the back burner. “The leaders of the factions have a schedule according to which they must consider initiatives. If they are not interested in a document, they simply will not be included in the plans,” Bunina said.

The President can make decisions independently, without coordinating them with Congress, – to issue executive orders. But the catch is that they will be easily canceled by the next head of state. This was the case with Trump. On the first day of his presidency, Biden signed 17 decrees, most of which abolished the most controversial directives of his predecessor. With one stroke of the pen, the entire legacy of the outgoing politician is crossed out – and the next one will already be wary of acting alone. Such a democracy.

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