Those who stormed the Capitol will be protected in streets

Alexey Naumov

The American capital is preparing for a rally scheduled for Saturday in defense of the rights of those who, from the point of view of the state, violated these rights. We are talking about the participants of the rally on January 6, 2021, when hundreds of people entered the territory of the Capitol. The organizers emphasize that they have no political and electoral goals, only human rights goals. Meanwhile, the police are already preparing for the worst-case scenario.

“We stand up for patriotic Americans who have been forgotten by their own government” – this is how the main tenet of its activities was formulated on the website of the Look Ahead America organization responsible for preparing the rally.

The fight on September 18 is planned to be exclusively peaceful: as he said in an interview with CNNevent organizer Matt Brainard – a former staff member of the 45th US President Donald Trump – participants were even asked to refrain from any political slogans. “We told people that we didn’t want to see any statements about elections and candidates on T-shirts, flags and banners,” he explained.

The event itself is called rather neutral: Justice for J6, that is, “Justice in the case of January 6”. It is planned that the protesters will go out not only to the capital’s Capitol, but also to the buildings of local legislatures of 13 states.
Despite the fact that the police expect about 700 people at the rally in Washington, full-fledged security measures are being taken.

In particular, permission was requested and received in advance to build a fence around the center of US legislative life. “I don’t think that informed people are too concerned, but they are reinsured just in case,” a source familiar with the situation explained to CBS .

As it became known to the security forces after studying Internet forums, members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers groups are going to attend the rally – there are suspicions that they may take some illegal acts. Moreover, particular concern is caused not by some organized actions, but by attacks of lone individuals and spontaneous outbursts of violence like fights and pogroms.

That is why the Capitol police sent a request to the Pentagon to bring the National Guard units into combat readiness: according to the police plan, the guardsmen will have to be on duty in one of the barracks nearby to the city.

The Good Trouble Cooperative counter-event is also scheduled for Saturday, about a mile from Look Ahead America.

Apparently, the rally for “freedom of political prisoners” will not be too large-scale, and its goal may not completely coincide with the declared one.

As Jared Holt, a member of the Atlantic Council (recognized as an undesirable organization in Russia) and once a member of Donald Trump’s headquarters, told the Washington DCist newspaper , the applicant, Matt Brainard, is a third-party person in the near-Trump society, and it is now important for him to gain his own popularity by organizing this rally and promoting an agenda according to which people detained on January 6 are a kind of political prisoners. According to Mr. Holt, far-right groups generally do not advise their members to go to the rally, so as not to burden the fate of detained associates and not be at risk of arrest themselves, but individuals can ignore these recommendations.

In total, in the case of the storming of the Capitol, c-harges were brought agai-nst more than 600 particip-ants, at least 60 of them ple-aded guilty. Most are cha-rged with non-violent of-fenses. Those who plead g-uilty to grave charges may face lengthy prison sente-nces, with a significant nu-mber of cases expected to be handed down in the fall.

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