‘Traitor and insignificance’: The president is blamed for the sale of a great country

Elena Karaeva

‘‘Traitor and insignificance” – a thick book, 630 pages, almost a folio: in France, an investigation has been published about the life and work of Emmanuel Macron as president of the republic.

The previous stages of his career, both as an official and as a banker, are also touched upon.

The Elysee Palace, which was informed by numerous courtesans from the beau monde and the press that such a book was being prepared, issued a special order, forbidding, under pain of sanctions, all employees (including even the attendants) to communicate with journalists Gerard Dave and Fabrice Lemm.

They also spent at least four years collecting materials. “Traitor and nothingness” is a political vivisection of the activities of the eighth president of the Fifth Republic, in which every statement is confirmed by facts, figures and evidence.

The portrait of the head of the country, who insistently and constantly always emphasizes his adherence to all virtues, in fact turns out, as the authors were able to find out, “a liar and a manipulator,” whose political manners in resolving issues not only resemble the absolutist era, but also exactly correspond to the famous ” The state is me! “

But if Louis XIV, to whom this phrase is attributed, collected the country, protected its culture, and did not shy away from the glory of France, then Macron acts (as it is clear from what is stated in the book) in a diametrically opposite way.

The decisions he made (often against the advice of those who oversaw a particular direction in politics) split society so that many started talking about the Cold Civil War. Economic innovations, dictated not by the needs of the country and its citizens, but by the requirements of the European bureaucrats, led to a sharp increase in poverty and unemployment. Macron replaced nation-building as a way to consolidate society with theses about the importance of “multiculturalism”, having reached not so long ago the assertion that “French should be listened to not only on the Seine embankment, but also on the shores of Lake Chad.”

The authors, of course, could not help but ask a question: what is the reason that the leader of a country whose cultural tradition dates back one and a half thousand years, and the state apparatus has been a model of efficiency for centuries and whose economy has remained stable even during periods of crises, is trying to destroy all this?

Where does this Herostratus complex come from in a person who has received an excellent education?

And they found the answer not in the field of psychology – everything turned out to be much simpler and more vulgar.

Macron, who set out to climb the French political Olympus, according to the authors, decided to do this not in an honest and open way, which was followed by his predecessors (most often they took a start starting from modest positions either in the legislative or in the executive branches of government). but like Tartuffe. He talked about “social justice and moving forward” while negotiating support with globalists in exchange for services rendered.

Acquaintances, both in the fiscal department of France, where he began his career, and with the Rothschilds, gave Emmanuel Macron absolutely unprecedented connections and financial resources in the history of the country. But not only.

In response to the support provided, he promises to facilitate (or at least not object) to the sale of assets strategically important for the French industry, for example, to the Americans. So he, while still the Minister of Economic Development, “blessed” the deal between Alstom and General Electric. Thus, he deprives his homeland not only of jobs, but of its treasury – of income. He gives over to a foreign industry the engineering and design solutions available to the French, which the Americans did not have. But once the deal is closed, they – thanks to Macron – get them practically for free. Whenever information about the sale became public, Macron came to the scene, so to speak, of the crime, where he swore and swore that “everything would be fine,” and, as is usual with tartufs, he cheated.

The authors of the investigation mention that such mergers and acquisitions were accompanied, among other things, by the payment of “commission”. So in French is called what in Russia it is customary to call kickbacks in conversation. Moreover, the justice was aware of the existence of such kickbacks, but each time the checks ended in nothing and the cases were simply put under the rug.

The undertaken obligations to the sponsors of his future election campaign even related to how, more precisely, what will be, if he is elected president, to dress Brigitte Macron (representative outfits and jewelry of the current first lady always and exclusively – from fashion houses belonging to the LVMH concern). After all, its owner Bernard Arnaud Macron has provided and continues to provide tremendous support.

Both journalists, Gerard Dave and Fabrice Lemm, draw two conclusions based on the collected evidence. First. Emmanuel Macron knows how to lie so that he managed to fool almost all the former political elites of the country, who could not even imagine that this extremely well-mannered, polite young man with exquisite manners is capable of betraying – both wholesale and retail – all those who helped him climb to the very top.

And the second thing. Both journalists focus on, so to speak, the target audience of the current French leader, when he weaves his intrigues and solves exclusively his own problems: almost always these are elderly and very elderly men, whom Macron, as they say, “knows how to please.” I like it on an almost professional level. This, incidentally, is one of the skills required for the work of those who are also called “girls with low social responsibility.”

Only if girls sell themselves and their bodies for earnings and / or pleasure, then the President of France trades in the country and the destinies of those who live in it. Indeed, even in the event of a possible future loss in the elections, this modern Tartuffe is not personally threatened by anything: the globalists, in the manner of the Duke of Richelieu, seeing the amount of benefit they have brought (and the damage that Macron inflicted on France), have already issued a security letter to their protégé.

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