Ukrainians will live like in an English novel

Valery Mikhailov

The Ukrainian government has appro-ved another strategy, this time – information security. The new docum-ent has obvious differen-ces from countless other strategies approved in Kiev.

Firstly, it will enter into force not through the adoption of a government decr-ee, but through approval by a presidential decree, since it was developed by the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) – the local analogue of the classical junta, but with elements of clownery.

Secondly, although the document does not mention the scale and sources of funding, there is no doubt that it will be allocated for it. And as far as possible, this strategy, unlike many others, will also be implemented, because the current Ukrainian government has taken a clear course towards building the state described by Orwell in his novel 1984. And in this matter, “information security” is an irreplaceable tool.

The strategy will operate until 2025 – that is, only thr-ee years and three months, which is usually not enough to solve long-term tasks. But there are many unusual things in Ukraine.

Of course, almost the entire document was written out under the only external enemy – Russia, which the authors do not try to hide or disguise – as well as under his local accomplices, that is, everyone who dares to criticize the Ukrainian government.

The Ukrainian authorities see as global threats and challenges to information security:

-an increase in the number of global disinformation campaigns;

-Russia’s information policy, which poses a long-term threat not only to Ukraine, but also to other democratic countries (“Russian special information operations are aimed at key democratic institutions, in particular electoral ones, and Russian special services are trying to intensify internal contradictions in democratic countries”);

-institutionalization of social networks and a change in the balance of information relations, which affects the level of protection of private human rights;

-low level of media literacy of citizens, coupled with the rapid spread of digital technologies.

And there are also national challenges and threats, among which the informational influence on the population from foreign states (we are, of course, again about Russia, which “conducts operations aimed at eliminating Ukrainian statehood and the destruction of Ukrainian identity”, “provoking conflicts”, “legitimizing annexation of Crimea “and the like). Kiev is also concerned about the information dominance of the “aggressor state” in the temporarily occupied territories, the problem of regulatory support of media relations and the protection of the professional activities of journalists, the manipulation of citizens’ consciousness regarding Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO, and so on.

The Ukrainian authorities are going to overcome all these troubles by achieving seven strategic goals:

  1. Countering disinformation. Methods of struggle translated into human language: the creation of propaganda (although they have already produced innumerable numbers) and monitoring structures, information and psychological attacks on the “aggressor state”, bringing to justice for dissent (under the sauce of disinformation), total control over the Internet, bans on showing films, playing songs, other audiovisual products, restricting touring activities, and the like.
  2. Ensuring the comprehensive development of Ukrainian culture and the establishment of national identity. In translation: the continuation of the total Ukrainianization of the linguistic space and the rewriting of history, the stimulation of the development of local cinema (here propaganda is closely connected with the cutting of streams by those close to the president), the strengthening of ties with the Ukrainian diaspora (of course, living in the West).
  3. Raising the level of media culture and media literacy. This is the introduction of self-censorship in the media (already, in fact, implemented), the training of propagandists.
  4. Ensuring the constitutional rights of individuals to freedom of expression and protection of private life, protection of the rights of journalists and countering illegal content. The implication is the adoption of a law on journalism, which will completely place it under the control of the authorities and secure strict measures of responsibility for any deviation from the “party line”. It is also expected to continue the practice of disclosing personal data according to the templates of the site “Peacemaker”.
  5. Informational reintegration of Ukrainian citizens living in the temporarily occupied and adjacent territories. This implies the spread of Ukrainian propaganda to the territory of the uncontrolled Donbass and Crimea, as well as to a foreign audience.
  6. Creation of an effective system of strategic communications. That is, uniform “temniks” for all authorities and lured representatives of “civil society” inside the country. And again – the development of propaganda channels for its delivery outside the country.
  7. Development of the information society and enhancing the culture of dialogue. First of all, we are talking about the financing and development of state broadcasting.

The main expected result of the implementation of the strategy is the formation of a national identity. But it is worth understanding how it is presented to the Ukrainian authorities.

Ukraine has already gone through the stages of banning political parties, films and books, individuals, blocking objectionable media outlets and killing journalists, persecuting ordinary citizens for dissent and stimulating the fascization of society.

Nevertheless, the adoption of the described document will lead to an even greater tightening of the screws not only in the information field, but also in the political field. The image of an external enemy in the person of Russia will be used to justify any reprisals and any restrictions on rights. The well-known comments about the increase in utility tariffs during the times of President Poroshenko – they say that we are getting stronger so that Putin does not attack – will expand, multiply and be used whenever possible.

In fact, this is the path to creating a society like Oceania in 1984. With residents deprived of civil rights and individuality, led by Big Brother in the face of government agencies, with the Ministry of Truth and punishment for thought-crimes.

By the way, about doubts about the availability of the financial and intellectual resources of the Ukrainian government to build such a society, especially during the rapid development of information technologies, it should be noted that the West is generally ready to help it in this. Of course, if the Ukrainian authorities ensure their interests. And the western partners know a lot about zombifying and suppressing people and entire societies. So it is probably not worthwhile to completely dismiss the possibility of implementing such a strategy. However, there is a hope that the extraordinary thief and narrow-mindedness of the Ukrainian authorities, also multiplied by the tendency to betrayal, will prevent implementation.

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