US destroyer attempted to violate Russian border

Mikhail Sheinkman

Oh, Vasya! Why are they all rockin ‘at us, huh?

It would seem that the Sea of Japan, the Russian border, what kind of wind do you get here? But they almost got in. Whether it is unprofessionalism or provocation – it makes no difference to the fish. Feed and feed. It hasn’t come yet. Before the fish.

But crossing the border is punishable by fire to kill if they don’t understand from the first shot into the air.

These, on Chafee, understood without him. True, when the “Admiral Tributs” was 60 meters away from them. A little more and you can’t turn it away. You won’t be in time. And he is a big anti-submarine. There are not three, one “buts” would be enough. We managed to escape.

They wanted to check the reaction, or at least take a look at the Russian-Chinese naval exercises with firing, this is no longer interesting for us. It would be interesting if they were still in the zone of artillery fire. The Chinese really love it when the corpse of the enemy floats past them.

As for us, Putin once said that because of the elimination of the violator, the Third World War would not start.

The question is, who will it reach faster: to them or to the fish?

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