US introduces sexual privilege

US introduces sexual privilege

Dmitry Kosyrev

In case someone has forgotten, there is a vice-president in the United States – it is occupied by Kamala Harris, about whom little is heard. But now she tried to remind herself of herself and become, as it were, the patroness of the new initiative of the administration. There are translation difficulties here: Sexual strategy? Sexual strategy? No, gender. Although gender is exactly gender, male, female, and even the one that you invent for yourself, if you really want to.

By the way, if you happen to meet a person who freely operates with a bird’s language, containing words like “gender”, “sexism”, “patriarchy”, “objectification of a woman”, then do not enter into discussions with her and stay away from such a person. The White House’s new strategy shows very well what all these conversations can lead to at the level of everyday life. And here is the strategy itself, on the official website of the White House, all 42 pages.

They are filled by, first, a verbiage like “in each of the strategic priorities identified below, policies, programs and approaches will be informed by the historical and current context of these intersecting pressures.”

But in general, the document has a very serious reason for its adoption. The fact is that two misfortunes hit the country at the same time: the first is the atrocities of radical feminism (when a statement of the alleged victim is enough to condemn a man for certain words or actions in the past – the courts judge that). The second misfortune is America ‘s own “covid reset”, quarantine and sanitary measures. The result, according to the same White House document, is “the most serious economic collapse since the Great Depression, as a result of which the share of women among workers fell to the lowest level in 30 years.” In addition, “gender-based” violence has grown (played out by playing women against men?) And the inequality of women on racial and ethnic grounds has deepened.

It is clear how people from the conservative half of the country respond to this situation. Donald Trump (and he remains the ideologue of “another America”) says the obvious: “Multiple humanitarian crises in recent months (Afghanistan and the border). Frenzied inflation, frozen supply lines, energy prices are breaking through the roof, China is flying over Taiwan and testing supersonic missiles.” and they focus on gender strategy. Are you awake yet? “

But it can be shorter and brighter. Less well-known than Trump, ideologue Ma-tt Walsh puts it this way: no one who supports the Nati-onal Gender Strategy can define what a woman is.

But let us repeat: the administration, that is, the democrats, are not only piling up words, they are going to do something. And this is the most interesting thing.

We are faced with a typical situation for people who still, out of bewilderment, call themselves democrats. At first, for a long time, with and without “scientific” justification, they shout that there is discrimination – some people have something more than others. Jobs in this case. So, the typical response of a democrat (socialist, leftist, etc.) is to create another kind of discrimination. And to establish for this a huge and gluttonous (at the exp-ense of a working taxpayer) apparatus of control and imposition. That is, leftist politics is always massive violence and other social experiments, but how else can you impose justice.

If someone reads this document to page 42, it turns out that the strategy, in short and simple, provides for quotas for women. That is, people in the public sector and in private business will be forced to employ a certain percentage of women. A “Gender Policy Council” will start working, which – together with other departments – will make businesses acco-untable for the inclusion of women in the work process and especially their participation in top management. That is, the demand for directors of companies will increase, who will be app-ointed on the basis of gender, but not greatly interfere with work. What, in fact, is already happening.

In addition, supervisors will crawl into each family and its budget, pressure will increase on schools to identify how men are involved in parenting – and that is not all. The strategy must be propagated around the world, through the Department of State and the network of all kinds of human rights organizations.

You can try to predict what the result will be. Feminism, which began in the 19th century with the idea of giving women (in Western societies) the right to work and achieve success, own property and participate in politics, will now throw women back into exactly the same 19th century. When it turns into a decorative element of offices, companies and industries, it is an element that is necessary to avoid fines and other troubles, but disrespectful and, in principle, does nothing good, because there is no need.

Although this, of course, is an extreme, which for sure will not happen – the process will be chaotic, with profanation and corrupt bureaucracy. And also – stormy, coupled with new outbursts of hatred between the sexes. Have you noticed that all the initiatives of the Democrats and their like-minded people contain this element – to divide society into groups that hate each other, on any basis: class, medical, but now they are pitting men and women against each other? Well, how else, if their idea is based on the fact that human societies (people) are wrong, it is necessary to force them, more precisely – the next generations, to be happy, and to break everything present.

Interestingly, the Dem-ocrats’ sex strategy follows exactly the same – and fa-iled – racial strategy of their predecessors. Since the late 1960s, hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on the black population to create for them the same undeserved privileges, incl-uding when applying for a job or studying, regardless of the personal qualities and achievements of the person being accepted. And they gave birth – with a few exceptions – to an eerie, impoverished community with the ideology “everyone owes us, and therefore we don’t have to try.”

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