What happens when Biden is removed

Dmitry Kosyrev

As soon as the party members of US President Joseph Biden started talking about his forcible eviction from the White House – impeachment , they began to explain why this should not be done. Yes, although the Americans (and Europeans, and many others) are in convulsions of rage both from the American flight from Afghanistan, and – especially – from how he behaved in this situation and what the owner of the Oval Office said.

But why can’t it be removed? A sarcastic voice came from the republican flank, from the American Thinker resource: Biden is not only not fired, he is also immortal. It turns out that the whole thing is in the first chapter of the second section of the American Constitution, according to which the vice president (in this case Kamala Harris ) presides over the Senate. But she doesn’t vote. However, if the votes are divided exactly in half, that is, 50/50, then she still gives a vote and thus decides the fate of the bill. And today the situation in the Senate is exactly that: exactly half of the Republicans and the same number of Democrats.

What happens if Biden is removed “for Afghanistan” or, to put it politely, for medical reasons – and Kamala Harris takes his place? Then the whole agenda of the Democrats is tightly blocked. The bills that were passed by the House of Representatives (in which the Democrats have a majority) will not pass through the Senate either. It will not be possible to approve any appointments, including the appointment of a new vice president. Not to mention that the Senate itself will be paralyzed. And this will continue until January 2023, when, after the congressional elections, a new House of Representatives and a new Senate will convene. At the same time, the “American Thinker” is sure that the Democrats will face big troubles in those elections, including because of the flight from Afghanistan.

That is, they took power in vain, in vain they staged a brazen scam with mail voting and all the rest. Of course, it remains to be ho-ped that congressmen will not always vote by party affiliation, but today we can rather expect them to play along with the Republicans than vice versa.

This simple political reality explains a lot of Kamala Harris’ behavior. For starters, she tried not to flicker in the frame when Biden delivered his famous speech on Afghanistan last week . Evil tongues claim that when they pushed her into this frame, she replied: no, you won’t hang this rubbish on me. And this week she went to Singapore (the-re seems to be nowhere else, except for New Zeala-nd ) and there, among other things, she spoke to the American servicemen at the base in Changi, scolding China . Then she went to Vietnam .

Conclusions from this story can be drawn as follows: democratic mechanisms, even with the falsification of such, will not save a country if it is territorially split – for many years – ex-actly in half. The word “territorially” in this case means that the split was reflected precisely in the upper chamber, which is formed according to the p-rinciple of “two people fr-om each state.” That is, half of the US territories sent Republicans to Washington.

Further: many are now trying to predict what the Democrats will do in such a situation: wreak havoc, tighten the screws? Or … slowly turn into Republic-ans? In the latter case, we are talking about a publication in the flagship newspaper of the Democrats – The Washington Post, which explains to the Republ-icans: and our Biden is like your Trump, with his slogan “America First”. Only his version of this idea is played in a light version.

It turns out – this publication argues – adherents of both parties do not want US intervention in conflicts around the globe. Indeed, 57 percent of Republicans and 67 percent of Demo-crats doubted the need to continue the Afghan operation. And if President Tru-mp said he didn’t want Am-erican servicemen abroad to be turned into local “cops,” then Biden had said the same years before.

And in general, Biden is Trump today: he left in force the anti-Chinese customs tariffs of Trump, his policy on migrants. The current president, like the previous one, does not give the coronavirus vaccine to any inhabitants of distant countries there. The main thing is that he hates China just like Trump, but he tries to conduct anti-Chinese policies more subtly. So it is withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan (“forgetting” many of its own there) in order to concentrate all its forces on China. Finally, Trump did not consult with allies, doing something on the international stage, and Biden, with his Afghan flight, did not ask anyone for permission.

And all this is called, it turns out, “the Biden doctrine.” Which, according to The Washington Post, is actually the “Trump Doctrine”, the same, but different because it is light.

It is difficult to say what will save America in the cu-rrent situation : both its pol-itical system and its “world leadership”. Beauty will de-finitely not save, but a sen-se of humor is very possible.

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